Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Day At the Garden Center

My fantastic husband fixed the mower yesterday- turns out it needed a new spark plug.  So now the jungle of our backyard has been reduced to a neatly manicured lawn.

This means that it's my turn to start making it pretty!!

We spent some time at our local home improvement store yesterday and the kids and I enjoyed some time exploring the garden center.

I found oodles of flowers I'd love to plant around the house.

I kinda fell in love with these planters- I'd love to somehow incorporate a giant teacup and teapot into my garden.  They're too expensive for our landscaping budget at $30 each, though.

I'm not one to have statues and decorations in my garden or yard.  But this guy was pretty tempting.  His price tag kept me from buying him ($70- and that was on sale!) but he's adorable and funny!

I also picked up some seed packets.  One is all wildflowers but  haven't decided where I want to plant them.  I bought another pack of seeds that has 4 packets inside it and is designed to create a pretty climbing garden to put around my lamp post. 

I also need to plan out my produce garden.  And I think we need a second raised bed this year.  I'd also love for him to build a staircase off the other side of our deck so we can more easily access that side of the yard and also avoid the side that the dog currently uses for "business."  We'll see how much project Jeff wants to take on, I guess!

How are your outdoor plans coming along this season?  We aren't big gardeners or outdoor workers but I love being inspired by gardeners and crafty, building types who do ongoing cool outdoor projects! Inspire me!

And can you believe it's MAY already???



mimbles said...

I bought a lemon tree. It's been sitting on the front deck in its pot for 2 weeks now. And Tom bought some cacti, also still in their little pots waiting to be planted in the big pot we bought for them. I'm just not good at this whole gardening thing ;-)

On the subject of lawn mowing, have a look at these posts by my blog friend Deborah:

Anonymous said...

It's the FATHER OF THE YEAR, showing the lawn who's boss!!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I honestly do NOT know how it's already May. That just doesn't compute.

I love those planters! So fun and whimsical and I could just imagine the proper setting for those.

Just earlier today I was talking with a friend about how my grandparents used to have a beautiful garden. I miss that garden. I really want to have my own, but I can't imagine that I will ever live in a place that has its own yard.

Anonymous said...

Just counted the tomato plants in the ground - I have 12! Didn't think I had that many yet - there are still a few I would like to try.

My garden plot is very small so I am thinking of moving my herbs the the other side, where I currently have some flowering bush-type things and randomness. I like the flowers but need more space.

In the ground, so far are tomatoes, a pepper plant, cilantro (lots) lettuce, onions, basil, parsley and dill. Still need to plant the beans and probably some cucumbers and zuchini. I am trying to get away from annuals and might see about finding a few more plants for the front. I am gung-ho until about mid-July when the yard doesn't look as good anymore. No projects this year!

Anonymous said...

I love the bear!