Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Christy!

It's my closest girlfriend's birthday today!

I gave her a present first thing this morning (made easy by the fact that we ride together to work).  A Timex Ironman watch and a bottle of sak√©. 

We're going out to dinner to our favorite sushi place tonight- Wild Ginger

Happy birthday to Christy! 

Here's to another year of adventures and runs and bike rides and sushi and wine and laughter and so much more!



Lola said...

Happy Birthday Christy!

Dowitch said...

Thank you for the Birthday wishes! I love having birthdays. The more the merrier!

C. Beth said...

Love the Ironman idea! I love my watch. It's simple and does what I need it to do--times me, lets me do laps, and I even use the timer to count down my run/walk segments. Will I get a GPS watch eventually? Maybe, maybe not. For now I'm happy with my Ironman and I end up wearing it every day, even when I'm not running.

Happy birthday, Christy!

Garret said...

Happy birthday!