Monday, May 16, 2011

How To: Use DailyMile

I have many friends who have recently started running- including my husband!  I've encouraged friends to use DailyMile as a way of mapping out runs so you can feel good about the mileage accumulated over a week or month or even year! 

There is always a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using a new website.  I thought it might be helpful to have a little tutorial to show how I use DailyMile.  (Click images to see them bigger!)

When you first login, you should land on your Home page.

At the top left of the page, you can see where it says "Add Workout."  You can click that and then select the type of workout you did- Walking, Running, Fitness, Cycling, and more. 

Then you click where it says "Where did you walk (or run or whatever)?"  A drop down will show past routes and also give you the opportunity to map a new route.

A map will come up and you can input your zip code and it will bring up a map of that area.  You can maneuver in the map just like any Google map- click and drag to find your streets and then zoom in to start marking your route.

Find your streets and then zoom in.

Zoom in and then click at the spot where you started your run.

Then click along the map to track your route.  Click at each turn.

When you end the route you ran and if you ended back where you started, you can click on "loop course" to have it end at your start.  Do this when you are close to the start point so that it doesn't do any turns or weird stuff you didn't do.

After you finish mapping, you can add information about how long it took you to run that distance and also give a report on how your run went. 

Then you click on "sharing" and you're done!

I use Facebook to login to DailyMile.  I like having my efforts auto post on my Wall for friends to see.  I also have mine set to Tweet my report. 

You don't have to map a route- if you know your distance, you can just skip the mapping part and enter your distance and other information.  Or maybe you did your run on the treadmill so there is no map! 

There's more you can do with DailyMile but this is a great way to get started! 

(If this was helpful, I can do more screen shots to show other ways to use DailyMile.)



C. Beth said...

I love Daily Mile!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe because it's 5 am this is not working for me. I can't get the map to go north for me. What am I doing wrong?