Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let's Be a Team!

The form letter is below. But I want to make you an offer first!

I just completed my first ever half marathon after starting running just over a year ago. For well over a decade prior, I wasn't the healthy and fitness focused type. Now, I've run a half marathon and plan to keep on going! With the help of Team In Training, I plan to run my second half marathon this October. And I want YOU to be part of MY team!

This letter is an offer and a request. This list is a group of people I've come to know primarily through blogging and social networking. If you make a donation in support of my training, I'd like to offer you ad space on my blog and promotion to my social network on Facebook and Twitter.

The greater the donation, the more you get!

$25 - Ad space on the Team In Training page that I will be creating on my blog.

$50 - Ad space on the TnT page on my blog and 5 mentions on Facebook/Twitter in the upcoming month.

$100 - Ad space on my TnT page on my blog, 5 mentions on Facebook/Twitter in the coming month, and an ad on the main page of Eternal Lizdom for 1 month.

$200 - All of the above and I'll write a blog entry about you, your company, your service, your blog, whatever.

I do reserve the right to decline based on content (nothing violent, sexual, etc) so e-mail me if you have any questions!

Thank you for your consideration!!

Liz Chandler
Eternal Lizdom

Fundraising page:

I am raising funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) as a participant in their Team In Training program and I'm asking you to help by making a donation to my fundraising campaign.

Please use the link in this email to donate online quickly and securely plus learn more about my progress. You will receive a confirmation of your donation by email and I will be notified as soon as you make your donation.


Each donation helps accelerate finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Nearly 958,000 Americans are battling these blood cancers. I am hoping that my participation in Team In Training will help bring them hope and support.

On behalf of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, thank you very much for your support. I greatly appreciate your generosity.

Thank you,

Liz Chandler

P.S. I would appreciate it if you would forward this email to as many people as you can to encourage them to donate as well. Thanks again.

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