Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dr. Grandpa

My dad is a doctor. 

Not the kind of doctor that has a vacation home somewhere on a beach, not the kind of doctor who drives a fancy car, not the kind of doctor who goes to the opera and ballet or holds any sort of season tickets.

If he could, I think my dad would most like to be a country doctor.  The old fashioned kind that makes house calls and doesn't need a lot of fancy technology but really just wants to figure out what's wrong and help the patient get right again.  I think he'd like to be paid in apple pie and fresh eggs and would exchange medical care for lawn care.  Not to say he doesn't value his salary- he certainly does. 

The best doctoring of all is the doctoring he does with his family.  We all have our own family doctor that we see, of course.  But it's good to have a doctor in the family that you can call up to describe a rash or give a list of symptoms and get some free medical advice on how to treat or at least comfort. 

This weekend, we got to go and visit the family in celebration of my brother's high school graduation.  The family went to a local park to play and throw a frisbee and fly kites. 

While climbing up on some bleachers, Zach slipped and got an owie on his leg.

Thankfully, my brilliant husband immediately "paged Dr. Grandpa" to come and take a look. 

The exam begins with gentle removal of the foot wear.

Dr. Grandpa carefully checks the leg to make sure the bones are in tact.

Next, it's important to check and see how the foot and leg respond to gentle pressure. 

Be careful- it might tickle a little!

OK- it might tickle a lot! Good thing laughing is contagious!

I think those smiles were all the payment Dr. Grandpa needed.



Anonymous said...

Those are adorable pictures! Definitely something to treasure.

--Andrea V.

Rebecca said...

How sweet! Around here there are a handful of doctors who are paid a yearly retainer of about $2K and they come to your house to do various exams and prescribe what is needed. They accept no medical insurance and no medicaid/medicare. Just cash. Sounds awesome.

Mellodee said...

Great pictures! Your dad sounds like the kind of doctor everybody wishes they had!! We don't have any doctors in our family, but my sister is a pharmacist. I try not to call her too often with medical questions, but it can be reassuring to have someone you know and trust to provide some medical expertise!

Alison said...

How clever of you to think to capture this little moment in pictures! Lovely smiles all around.

Katherine said...

Too sweet!

C. Beth said...

What a sweet post! Zach is lucky to have a Dr. Grandpa!

Mrs4444 said...

Loved this--The smiles around are awesome.