Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Best Friend's Birthday

I write about my best girlfriend, Christy, a lot.  She's my running partner, our babysitter for date nights, my sushi friend, my wine buddy, my outdoor enthusiast compadre. 

Christy has a big day coming up.  In about a week.  And I'm kinda stumped on how to celebrate.

So let's say your best friend has a milestone birthday approaching.  And you want to do something special.  Or maybe... how would you want to celebrate an important birthday?  What's a great gift you've given or received on an important birthday?

I have some ideas but... I need your input!

Give me your best ideas!! 



Anonymous said...

Spa day? Not my kind of thing :) but an afternoon at a spa followed by a fun dinner and a good bottle of wine.

Lola said...

something that would work all of that into a special trip - French Lick or West Baden - a wonderful walk/jog through the grounds there and some tastings at local wineries, a few spa treatments at French Lick spa (awesome!!)And if you are casino-type gals at all- maybe a little time in the casino before you leave after a perfect brunch the next morning. Can I stow away? :)

Call Me Cate said...

I love some of the really personalized ideas at Oh Happy Day . If you look through the DIY section, there was an envelope surprise idea recently (last week or two) that might be very cool to pull off for someone as special as Christy.

Rebecca said...

A girls night out where you go to the salon to get your hair fixed, then go to the nail place and have your nails/toes done.....then go to your favorite sushi joint or something. Rent a limousine and drink wine.

Alison said...

To quote your previous post, I'm catching up and falling behind!

The first thing that pops into my mind is to give her an experience rather than a thing. Like a spa afternoon plus lunch, or a picnic with her family, or an outing to a museum, play, sports event...something that she'd be interested in, but not have the time or attention to arrange herself.

Amy said...

Girls' day -- lunch, massage, mani-pedi. Maybe a fun "glamour shots" type photo shoot. (Does Glamour Shots even still exist?)