Monday, May 23, 2011

Like Riding a Bike!

I know how to ride a bike.  I can climb on and balance and ride. 

I have a good bike.  It's  Diamondback- and I did a good amount of research before buying.  Jeff and I have matching bikes, actually.  Back in 2004, I got a great promotion at work and we took my increase in salary and splurged on bikes and gear for the two of us.  We rode a few times and were enjoying it... when I got pregnant with Teagan.  My doctor recommended not biking while pregnant due to balance issues and the danger of falls.  So the bikes have pretty much been stored away ever since. 

I set my new goal to go from running to cycling and have realized that even though I can ride a bike, I don't know anything about riding a bike!

Is there essential gear?  Do I really need padded shorts and gloves (I'm told yes by several with much experience)?

Are there training plans like I used to learn to run?  Is there a right way and a wrong way to ride?

What about the unwritten rules of the road for cyclists?

And what do I do when the entire family wants to go out?  Are we ready to fully commit to riding together?  What's the best way to transport the kids?  Should we have a hitch on the back with one of those bicycle seats and pedals for each kid?  I kind of thought a trailer might be good but I think Teagan riding on her own would be better... so maybe those add on to the back seat things are better?

I'm clueless!!  I want to learn but hardly know where to start!

Google gave me a good start- I've got plenty to start reading.  But I think it's best when I can get information from people who are currently riding. 

Do you ride?  Do you have tips and advice for someone starting out?


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Mrs4444 said...

I'm not sure, but I'm positive that I would ride my bike more if it was tuned up from last year; it's all dirty from all the miles I put on last year. Maybe find out how to take care of your bike in a way that keeps it from getting gunked up. Have fun!! :)