Saturday, March 22, 2014

Menu: Mar 24

I took a week off due to illness and a crazy schedule.  And I almost skipped menu planning for this week due to illness.  But.  It's important.

I've reviewed the sales flyer for my local grocery and I'm ready!  I'm going to prep everything tomorrow so it's easier to cook up each day.  I'm going to rely heavily on my Wildtree products this week, too.

Monday - pork chops marinated in Wet Rubz Santa Maria style marinade.  Serve with  brown rice.

Tuesday - garlic & herb chicken.  I'm going to prep the chicken ahead of time with Wildtree gradeseed oil and garlic & herb seasoning.  Then freeze it.  Tuesday - into the crock pot with some minced garlic and chicken broth.  Potatoes or rolls.

Weds - church.  I'm co-leading a healthy living group and the menu offerings at our weekly church dinner aren't always the healthiest.  So I've starting taking my own dinner.  I either do a large serving of broccoli slaw with slivered almonds and salsa ranch yogurt dressing or I hit the fantastic salad bar at Marsh.

Thursday - Ancho chicken.  Wildtree products again.  And going to prep and freeze and crock it.  Thinking I will crock it with salsa.  Target has a cilantro lime rice that I really like.  And we could do a family happy making rice, too.

Friday - Scampi chicken.  Wildtree, prep and freeze, crock pot.  Potatoes or rolls.

For sides, I'm going to keep a good stock of things to grab and toss together.  Fresh fruit, frozen peas, green beans and salad are always easy.

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