Sunday, March 23, 2014

Indiana Artisan Marketplace 2014 (GIVEAWAY)

Last year, I gave away 2 tickets to the Indiana Artisan Marketplace at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  I was able to attend a preview of the event and I have to admit... I fell in love!

I have been a fan of the Indiana Artisan artists and wine makers and food makers for years.  Everything from glass art to hot sauce and to earn the label, you have to meet certain requirements.  All the products are made in Indiana.  Such a great way to celebrate the talents in our state!

Here are some pics of some of my fave things from last year.

I've got THREE ways for you to try and win tickets!!!

ONE - Go to the Indiana Artisan page on Facebook.  Check out this giveaway!

TWO - Enter MY giveaway!!  See the Rafflecopter below.

THREE - Enter giveaways on other blogs!  See links below (links will be added as other bloggers get their posts up).

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Jules said...

This is the first time I will be able to go, I am looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...
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Catherine Vest said...

I'm a lurker- but I would like to learn about indiana-made wine/foods. I have never been to the festival/expo

Tracy said...

This event looks fun. Is it kid friendly?

Anonymous said...

I love supporting local merchants and vendors. Can't wait to go!

Eternal Lizdom said...

If you have kids who are "in" to food, art, etc - yes, kid friendly. Kids under 14 are admitted free. So nothing is specifically set up for kids to enjoy. But I can see where some kids would enjoy being there (Teagan would love it, Zach would most likely not).

Unknown said...

This would be an opportunity for me to learn about it. Because I am clueless.

Leticia said...

Just told a friend we should go to something like this. Crossing fingers that we win! What a fun way to spend some girl time.

Angie @ Just Like The Number said...

I love Frittle! The coconut version is dangerous!