Thursday, March 27, 2014

A "Make Your Bed" Quilt

My mom is a genius.

My mom is a crafty person.  She taught me how to sew and do cross stitch.  I don't do those things now.  But she does.  My mom quilts.  She has made t-shirt quilts for others which are a great way to memoralize a person or a period of time.  She has sewn clothes, too.  And I remember a period of time where she was crocheting to make bandages for a mission project at her church.

For Teagan's 9th birthday, my mom has made a quilt for her.

But it's a magical genius quilt.  This quilt is designed to help Teagan be able to make her own bed.

See those arrows?  Those are pointing to special guides that my mom incorporated into the quilt.  Teagan will be able to line up the foot of the bed and the side of the bed with those yellow pieces on the quilt in order to best fit the quilt on the bed.

See?  Genius!

We will be doing a little rearranging in Teagan's room over Spring Break.  Her bed is currently against a wall and we want to make it so she can access both side of the bed in order to best make her bed with her special quilt.

It's a "make your own bed" quilt.


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Absolutely brilliant idea! Pinned.