Monday, December 29, 2008

3 Days

3 Days with no solid plans. 3 Days with goals for cleaning, goals for fun. 3 Days with kids in daycare. 3 Days with a husband at work (mostly). 8:40 a.m. I've actually started Day 1 with a accomplishment! I rearranged Teagan's bedroom. I've been wanting to for a while. Her room is at the end of the hallway and that means that bedtime can be tough- she wants the door open and the hall light on... and she can see all the way down the hall and into the living room. So bedtime can be a bit challenging. I know this isn't going to solve all of our troubles... but I do think it will help! I moved her bed, her dresser, her dollhouse, her little chair. And I did it all by myself! Her sheets and mattress pad are in the wash. I hope she likes it! I'll get pics up later. Stay tuned! I'm holding my readers responsible for my accountability. I'm going to keep working on household projects... Next up... cleaning out the toys and shelves in T's room.


Boozy Tooth said...

I know I probably missed this in an earlier post, but which dollhouse did you finally decide on? I was a strong supporter of the Savannah optiopn and have a feeling all THEIR stick on room accoutrement are right-side up.

Have fun, but don't clean too much. This is vacation, sweetie,

Mary Ellen said...

How ambitious! I'm tired just thinking about all of that. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

GO LIZ GO!!! I can't wait to read your posts over the next few days! If you're anything like me, you're gonna feel SO GREAT about accomplishing things around the house. I always feel so much better when I've cleaned and organized and PURGED. Remember....purging is good for the soul. If you haven't looked at it or used it for the last 6 months, out it must go! Even just moving furniture around or replacing a small piece of something makes you feel great. Those days by yourself to accomplish those things, plus the alone time are big "me" things - something we all need!