Monday, December 1, 2008

NABLOPOMO (and other successes in November)

I did it! 30 posts in 30 days. Well, more than 30 really. But there is no extra credit so...
I achieved my 10K steps for 10 days!
  • Tues 10,242 steps
  • Weds 11,581 steps
  • Thurs 11,052 steps
  • Fri 10,285 steps
  • Sat 10,065 steps
  • Sun 10,143 steps
  • Mon 12,376 steps
  • Tues 12,642 steps
  • Weds 10,137 steps


If boobs make you uncomfortable, don't read this. Ha! I had what I thought was the start of possible mastitis on Thursday evening. My left breast was sore in one spot, there was redness that appeared to be spreading. But no fever, no flu like symptoms. Did some research, went looking for advice from trusted online sources. Even though I didn't feel a plugged duct, general consensus seemed to be that this was more likely my issue. By Friday morning, I could feel the pea sized knot deep in the breast tissue. Taking the online advice given, I dangle nursed Thursday evening. This entails laying baby on his back on the bed (or floor) and leaning over him on all fours so that the plug will shift by his suction and also with a little help from gravity. It felt awkward, it hurt my back. But it worked! If I'd gotten mastitis, it may well have been a struggle that I wouldn't have fought through at this late stage. I just don't know. The idea of fighting mastitis, going on antibiotics, potentially getting thrush from the antibiotics... it was overwhelming just to consider~ but no issue. We got through it and are still going strong!


As I previously shared, I made my first pecan pie. And it was DELISH and everyone LOVED it!

And while this goal didn't start in time for the entire month of November, I have stuck with my Good Deed a Day plan. I'm blogging about it here but slacked on the blog over the holidays. But I will post daily in December about good deeds I do and I will purposefully do a good deed every day of the month!

So what accomplishments did you achieve in November? Now is your chance to brag... er, I mean, share!!


Garret said...

Boobs! Oh my. They only make me uncomfortable when they press against my back... oh, that doesn't happen.


Amy said...

I passed the 100 post milestone. I cleaned out my walk-in closet and the junky cabinet next to the refrigerator. No dangle nursing, but my boobs do dangle if not properly restrained.