Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bloody Tissues and Christmas Cards

That's what was in my hands when we left church today. After church, there was a pancake brunch. Pancakes, sausage, applesauce, syrup, butter, lemonade, iced tea... all the good stuff. And after eating, all the kids want to run around and play. Zach had climbed up on a step. And turned around and started walking, forgetting he was on a step. So he falls from the step and, as he seems consistently prone to do, he lands on his face. In the past few weeks, he has done the face plant and busted his lower lip... and again last week he busted his upper lip. This time... the nose. I scooped him up and held him to my shoulder. I pulled him back to check him and he looked fine. A minute later... the nosebleed. All over my shirt, down his face, on his hand. I rush to the bathroom and start getting him cleaned up. Thankfully there isn't too much blood and the bleeding is very slow and ends quickly. As we are getting coats on to head home, I decide to grab our Christmas cards to take with us. Our church has a set up so you can easily give cards to others in the church without mailing them. And I was wiped out. Something about injuries and blood just takes it out of a mom. We get to the car and I look down at my hands. Bloody tissues. Christmas cards. And I knew it would make a great blog title!


Anonymous said...

Oh Liz...when I read the title the first thing I thought was "what does she have against kleenex and Christmas cards?" LOLOL. Poor Zach - he's the bangup kid huh? You tell him sometimes I forget where my feet should be too and one time I broke my arm doing it. Hopefully he doesn't go to those extremes though!

Garret said...

Insert the bloody tissues into the Christmas cards and mail them to your "closest" friends. Later in years when Zach is President, people will thank you for the souvenier. Or not.


tangobaby said...

That is a great title for a post. That's one of the tenets of good journalism--gotta have a hook.

Your story reminded me of my first bloody nose, when I was not yet five. I was playing Snow White with a friend and I was sweeping (I was the Snow White hiding in the forest with the dwarves, not the princess) and the handle of the broom fell on my nose and it started bleeding.

I obviously thought I was dying and ran to my mom, who said nonchalantly when I asked her what was the red stuff coming out of my nose: "Oh, that's just blood. Everyone has it inside their body. Unfortunately, yours is coming out."

I still remember that. But now it makes me laugh. Hopefully Zach will have some funny memories of his little klutzy period.

And thanks for the blog visits of late! I'm glad you found me.

Boozy Tooth said...

Best post title yet.

Eternal Lizdom said...

tangobaby, I am totally going to steal your mom's comment. I love it!