Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Ramblings

I'm deep in thought today. I've twice this week received what I feel are very strong and divine messages. It's hard to know what to do with that. So nothing terribly deep to share today... just some random ramblings.
Vent. The gym. The locker room. Our gym is small, exclusive. The locker room consists of a toilet room, 2 sinks, 2 benches, a basket of clean towels, a small set of lockers, and 1 shower. Just a note... if you should ever come to my gym and do a class with me and then go back to work with me... and you insist that you need the first shower because you are an hourly (not salaried) employee... you had best get your fanny in and out of that shower in a timely fashion. Christy and I go to the gym together. We are in a weekly class together with one other woman who works in our office (but doesn't work with us or in our area of the building). This woman insists that she needs that first shower because it is so imperative that she get back on time. That's fine. But you would think that the urgency of her situation would have her getting into the shower quickly, getting her shower done and clothes on expediently, and getting out the door. When it is just me and Christy, the showering, dressing and going thing takes a total of 15 mins, maybe 20 on a sore muscle day. It takes this woman 15 minutes JUST TO SHOWER. And she dawdles before getting in. I've tried making the point by jumping in ahead of her... she just complains about it or gets mad for a few days. We tried having a conversation about how Christy got an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill while waiting for the shower... this woman doesn't get it. So I guess I have to do the "right" thing and just tell her that she has to either hurry up and we just have to race for the shower when class is over and whoever gets there first gets the first shower...
This is my husband. I love him. I wish he would blog more. He is a hard worker, a great dad, a wonderful husband... his sister and other family members read this blog so I won't go into ALL the areas where he's the awesomest, though!!
This is a recipe for the original Girl Scout cookies. I took this pic at the Indiana State Museum in a really disappointingly dull Girl Scouts exhibit. This recipe was the most interesting thing I found. If you make them, please share how they turn out (and if you live close by, feel free to share the actual cookies, too).

Outside of the Girl Scout exhibit was a woman demonstrating how Girl Scouts developed a method of communicating across a large visible distance with flags. This is Teagan "demonstrating" the technique.

And this is Christy demonstrating the technique (yes, she is going to kill me for this).

These are my kids. They are almost always awesome. In their own individual way, each of my kiddos are funny, loving, intent to play quietly, eager to play actively, playful, cuddly... Both are my world. My existence. I have no idea how I could get out of bed in the morning if I didn't have these two little nut jobs in my life!
And this is just a pretty fire, from the fireplace of Jeff's folk's house. It was cozy and pretty so I took a picture. Here's an idea... go make a hot beverage of your choosing... coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider... then get really close to this pic on your screen... If we all do this, maybe we can hear each other, maybe we can be together, maybe we can sense the presence of the connections made through this online media... Can you sense me? My hand is on my screen, reaching out to you...
Except... not really! It's just a cool pic! You sillies!


Mary Ellen said...

Hi - thanks for stopping by. I've been lurking around on your blog for a while. I enjoy reading about your life, and was very touched by your magic Christmas post.

Yes, my mom worked, and it was totally awesome. One of the things I most appreciate learning from her was that not only is it okay to work when you have children, it's also okay to LIKE working. Whatever decision you make, the important thing is to be the best you possible, 'cause that makes you the best mother possible.

miss tanyamami said...

Your kiddos are adorable! I need to head out to some Museums. I still haven't went to the Childrens but with it being the cold and flu time I hate to take him. You know? Have you went and is it pretty fun? Oh yea I was going to tell you I 'follow' your blog now :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

I love the Children's Museum at any time of year. We definitely enjoy the Winter Wonderland area for the holidays and the Yule Slide is wicked fun!!

ME- Thanks for stopping by and sharing more words of encouragement!! You are absolutely right... it is important for my kids, and really important for my daughter, to understand the joy one can get from working... the sense of accomplishment, of contribution to the household, etc.

Tracy said...

I have been meaning to take my kids to the history museum. Maybe we will do that over christmas break. Thanks for reminding me.
As for the shower issue,I think you should absolutely get in there first!