Monday, December 15, 2008

Corrections: Man-Blogs and Gingerbread RV's

First, it was pointed out that I do, in fact, read a 5th man-blog. My husband's blog. And he did blog about the start of the gingerbread experience. So go check it out.
And in the comments of the Gingerbread entry, Garret joked about finding a gingerbread RV. I took this as a challenge and started Googling and found this:

But then I went to the website from whence this came. I can only dream of this kind of talent. Seriously. This is the stuff of Food Network Challenges.


In order to make up for my horrible over site of forgetting that I read my own husband's man-blog, I dedicate this tinkerkate cake to him...

Be sure to go to the website and see all the pics of all the cakes... and the further pics of the Gingerbread RV and the Dungeon Master... the details are really cool!

The woman who made these cakes is an artist in Philadelphia. She not only does the cake thing, but she also does murals and graphic design for billboards and chalk art. Very cool!!

Amazing how making up for an oversight and taking on a challenge leads you to really cool, neat-o stuff!


Boozy Tooth said...

Eeeeeeeeew. I feel no love for these multi-media tinkerkate cakes, at all.

Her credential as an "artist" is a bit of a stretch, but I did smile at the RV cake because I immediately thought of Jim and Garrett - which is good since that was your goal. But otherwise, they look gooey and lumpy and unappetizing (and a little scary).

Jackie E. said...

The cakes look extremely intricate and I can appreciate just how talented the woman is who makes them since I have no artistic ability whatsoever! That being said, that tinkerkate cake is kinda is scary!

Chris said...

Did you see that turkey cake? Yikes!

Garret said...

You're awesome!

Mary Ellen said...

I sometimes wonder if I had enough time on my hands if I could be that creative. Pretty sure the answer is no.

miss tanyamami said...

those are awesome thanks for sharing!