Friday, December 5, 2008

Back on Schedule- Tomorrow

Just wanted to give a heads up... we are out of town today.  Visiting my mom since my grandma is still staying with mom before returning to Chicago early next week.   So today will be brief.  And tomorrow we have a busy day so there won't be anything until the end of the day... but I will try to get some pictures up to make up for it!
So I'm in one of my hometowns- Cincinnati.
Jeff and I had a chance to go off and be adults (stop snickering, it is possible).  So we went to the mall and ended up buying each other's Christmas presents.  So much for surprises- but we both got what we wanted.
We ate in the food court.  And it struck me... for the first time in 10 years, I was eating a Cincinnati staple.  Gold Star Chili.  Cincinnati chili is unique.  Skyline and Gold Star are the big names around here.  And the chili is pretty famous.  
I also spent time growing up in Lexington, KY.  Lexington is known for horses, right?
Indianapolis... car racing.  
I was born in CA... sunshine, crazy liberals.
So I'm interested to know what your neck of the woods is known for.  A food or activity?  And for the places I've lived, what do you think of when you hear Cincinnati or Indianapolis or Lexington or Palo Alto (California)?


miss tanyamami said...

I am from southern Ohio! I lived about 50miles from cinci(near Hillsboro RT 50). Went to college at Wright State in Dayton. Moved to Philly. Then back to Ohio and now I'm trapped in Indy!

My husband and I love Skyline I think we've seen one in Greenwood and one off 69 somewhere. I love their threeways with blk beans and rice mmmmmmm! Have fun. I'm Tanya from Indy moms like me BTW!

yodaobi said...

I'm a N00b to your blog

I live in Auckland New Zealand, it's famous for it's beaches. Auckland is called the city of sails for all the sail boats out on our harbour. We have a harbour bridge like Sydney but none of the horrid creepy crawlies like snakes or GIANT cockroaches.
New Zealand is mostly known now for Peter Jackson's LOTR films, most people know someone who played an elf of Orc. My brother-in-law was an elf.

I know very little of Cincinnati the only thing that comes to mind is WKRP.

I've briefly stopped Indianapolis in 2000. I was visiting friends in Coldwater Mi and they took me bargain hunting. So for me Indianapolis is where you can buy fireworks and cheep toys. I've never heard of Lexington or Palo Alto

Garret said...

So what did you buy "each other"???


Eternal Lizdom said...

Nothing terribly exciting for our gifts. I happened upon Pottery Barn Kids- I'd been plannin on ordering Jeff's gift from there. Long story but my gift "to him" is a set of Star Wars sheets for Zach's room. And then we happened upon the Bare Escentuals store and I've been wanting to try the makeup and I did and fell in love... so Jeff bought me a starter kit. Woohoo!

And welcome yodaobi and Tanya! I love having new faces join in!!

Boozy Tooth said...

Ponte Vedra checking in! Geographically, we are just across the county line from Jacksonville, Florida. In the South, we are known for our love of:

1.) Grits

2.) Greens (as in Collard & Turnip)

3.) Fried Chicken

4.) And fresh Sea Food of every discription.

When I think of Cincy: I wonder why its airport is in Kentucky. Indianapolis: The Colts - one of the few teams our miserable Jaguars beat this year. Uh, whats up with THAT? Lexington: no connection, sorry. Palo Alto: my dad worked for IBM out there a hundred years ago.

Joanie said...

I was born in Clifton Heights, PA (suburb of Philly) and it's known for Rosati's Water Ice. I now live in Pottstown, PA, former Home of Mrs. Smith's Pies! (not to be confused with Pottsville, PA, Home of Yuengling Lager Beer.

Mrs4444 said...

We are known for brats and football, Kroll's hamburgers, and Chili Johns chili. Can you guess where that is?

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'd guess Wisconsin or Chicago?

Anonymous said...

I love Skyline Chili! I did some work at a hospital in the Cincy area and enjoyed the chili while I was there. :-)

Here in MI, we're known for cars, Mackinaw Island, Mackinac bridge and cherries. MI is a big cherry producer. And I love them. LOL