Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm Fabulous!

Joanie says so! Well... she says my blog is fabulous. But I think it's an easy step to me being fabu, too, right??
And there are rules. Ack! I need to name 5 other fabulous blogs. And I need to share 5 things that I find fabulous!
Fabulous blogs... You know what? This is really hard!! I went through my Blogger Dashboard to see who I read all the time and the notes I took ended up giving me a list longer than 5! It's also left me realizing that I don't read enough man-blogs. I read 4 man-blogs and the rest are women and many of those are moms. And of the 4, 2 are bloggers I've really connected with (Garret & Jim of RVing and Sam of Dwell & Cultivate). 1 is a new blogger that I haven't learned enough about and the other is a blogger who just puts information out there with some opinion and isn't so much interested in who reads him or what his readers think. I need to expand my blogging repertoire.
Anyway. I am going to force myself to stick with the 5 "rule." I love more than these blogs... but these are 5 that I've been reading for a few weeks now and have really taken something from. And these aren't the folks I've recognized previously with the Gold Card Award.
C. Beth Blog (Also hosts a second blog- The One Minute Writer- which you can link to from the given link)
Adventures in Motherhood and Other Risky Endeavors (And Lisa also has a second blog that I read as often as she posts that is a fabulous blog. You can link to Finnian's Journey on her blog.)
For the others on my list... I just need more time to get to know you!!
And things that I find fabulous...
Dark Chocolate. The good stuff. Hershey's Special Dark is NOT the good stuff. Lindt is close. Vosge hits the mark frequently. Trader Joe's always has excellent dark chocolate (I highly recommend the Concerto Chocolate Sticks). I am a chocolate snob.
Peanut Butter. Almost anything is better with peanut butter.
Fleece pajama pants. Do I really need to explain?
California. I look forward to being able to go visit that state someday, when the kids are older. I've got family out there and friends. And even bloggers! San Francisco is my favorite city. And I have family just north of San Fran.
My family. I was going to try and keep it light hearted. But my family is fabulous and I wouldn't be who I am without them. My kids, my husband, my parents, my siblings (the biological ones and the not-really-related-to-me ones... you know who you are)...


Garret said...

I love chocolate! Try Dove! Yum!

Thanks for the blog mention!


Boozy Tooth said...

Not only is it an "easy step" to your being personally fabu - it's a known fact.

I see you named me in your post! Oh goody. What does it mean and what do I do? Sorry, I'm new at this.


Eternal Lizdom said...

It means that you can save that little "fabulous" pic thingee and add it to your own blog. And if you so desire, you can name 5 blogs as fabulous, too!

Boozy Tooth said...

Thank you Liz. :)

Amy said...

Thanks for the mention. I'll add my own fabulous finds to my blog later tonight.

Lisa said...

Oh my! Thanks Liz, I just saw this :) I'm flattered (blush blush). I will have to give this some thought and pay it forward tomorrow.

mimbles said...

Thank you Liz, you're too kind :)