Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Glee

I'll get to a more serious parenting post soon. First... Happy Birthday to Aunt Christy!! OK- her birthday was really yesterday. But a friend/co-worker of ours (Latifa) has her birthday today (crazy, right?) so we are heading out for a nice lunch today. Teagan made Christy a gingersnap bread that we enjoyed yesterday. But don't feel like Christy didn't get to enjoy her birthday... her family enjoyed a nice dinner with her at a local restaurant, enjoying live music by one of their favorite local musicians. This weekend she is heading out of town with a longtime best friend who is coming in from CA. Next weekend, her family is having a cookout to celebrate her birthday (the family and I will be in attendance). And the weekend after will be a party for her at a Gaucho style restaurant (I'm putting that together). So Happy Birthday to Aunt Christy! Second... Glee was on last night and it did NOT disappoint!! I loved it and am totally hooked. I hate that I have to wait until the fall for the series! I loved the characters, the writing, the premise. You can watch it on Hulu if you missed it last night!

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Boozy Tooth said...

REAL Glee would be the sun coming out. The rain in North Florida is entering Biblical proportions!