Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Instructor is boring. Gets that white mouth corner buildup. Ew! Txt from Grandma- Zach pooped on the potty! Awesome bkfst @ Corner Bakery Cafe.


Jeff said...

She didn't tell me he pooped on the potty. All she wanted from me was an aluminum can smasher / crusher.

Garret said...

Jeff: Maybe she didn't want to talk poop with an in-law. That's tacky. :-)


Lynn Freeman said...

Men love to talk about poop - and are clearly offended when you don't include them in the scatalicous conversations.

Liz - we have a guy at work who has MASSIVE dental veneers or implants (bigger than Hillary Duff's old horse teeth) and not only can he not make his lips meet but he constantly has white goop in the corner of his mouth as well as on his lips AND he spits when he talks!!! One day he spit on my toast as it was sitting on my desk. I think I threw up in my mouth. Now I don't invite conversation when there is open food or beverage around. But to be honest, it REALLY grosses me out. Get a mirror people.