Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Some links to places I've dined here in the DC and Arlington area. The Hawk and Dove This is apparently a big politico hangout. My aunt and uncle had originally intended to take me to a joint down the street but it wasn't well suited to sitting and talking for a couple of hours so we wandered down the street and came upon the Hawk and Dove. Apparently, the MSNBC Morning Joe crew did their St Patty's Day show there? Serving beer at 9 in the morning? Or something? The service was... meh. The food was average. The atmosphere was very bar. I did enjoy it- mostly for the company, though. They had a cigarette machine- which I haven't seen in YEARS. And a pack of cigs from the machine was $7!! The place we had first thought we were going to enjoy was Good Stuff Eatery. It was started by Spike (from Top Chef). Michelle Obama apparently ate there last week. I think I would very much enjoy eating there and we did stop by for milkshakes after dinner- it just wasn't the right place for sitting and talking. More later- gotta run!!

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Mary Ellen said...

Isn't it cool to visit places that you've seen on tv, or that famous people hang out? My fave DC restaurant is Old Ebbitt Grill.