Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Brief Mention of Sadness and Anger

The CA Supreme Court is upholding Prop 8. The bad news... the possibility of ever having a choice in marriage has grown dimmer. The good news... the 18,000 people who married into same sex unions from June to November of 2008 will have their legal status as married people upheld. Personally, my hope is that change and growth will happen in the next election season.


Garret said...

It's sad. BUT we're getting closer. Some day equal rights will actually BE equal rights and not just theory.


PS: Thanks for being a wonderful open minded, equal right loving fellow blogging momma.

Alison said...

Thanks for the update--I've been kind of off the grid lately. This is too bad, though not unexpected.

I'm very happy for those who get to stay married, though. And jealous, too...

Eternal Lizdom said...

Ditto to both of you.

I am truly relieved that the Court decided to uphold the marriages that have already taken place. Because, to me, that legitimizes same sex marriages. If those 18,000 are legal... why can't they all be legal??

I also read that DC is now recognizing out of state same sex marriages. So you can't get a license as a same sex couple... but if you were married in Iowa or one of the other states that recognize gay marriage... DC will recognize the legality of your union.

Baby steps. Sometimes small, sometimes large, sometimes faltering and unsteady... baby steps.

Unknown said...

Prop 8 is proving nothing to the rest of the country except that if you have enough cash, you can get anything passed.

Gotta love those Mormons, eh?

God help us all...(or Allah, Buddha, etc.)

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm not going to knock the Mormons. Because not all Mormons are opposed to same sex marriage or fighting homosexuality. I have friends who are Mormon and are loving, compassionate people! To bash a group of people as a whole would be the same as that group bashing homosexuals or anyone else. The point of equality is to have it apply to ALL people.