Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday = Fun!

No big post on Discipline right now. Might get to it tonight. But I was given the gift of having today off of work... which was a bit of a miracle, really. A blessing. We have an unofficial policy in my department. Amongst our management types, no more than 3 people off at a time. Now that doesn't apply to our admins- we have 2 and they have to work out their days off with each other. Same for our Specialists. Then we have a small division in the managers. So these 2 guys work out off days with each other. Then there is my boss and her 4 management reports (this is where I fall in). So I put in for today off because daycare is closed. We didn't ask my mom to come because she's been traveling a ton lately, was just here, majorly helped us out last week... and her own kids and husband need her, too. Checked with Jeff's mom but she has some health issues and didn't feel confident keeping both kids all day. So I put in for the day off. But 3 already had it. My boss and 2 managers. My boss worked it with her boss so I could take it off anyway. But then I found out that the one manager that was going to be there... was scheduled to not be there for medical reasons. And my boss just didn't realize it when she was working things out on the vacation end. So I went to cancel my day and Jeff would have to work it out on his end. I went to my boss's boss to let him know I would be in the next day, even though he'd granted permission for me to be off. He told me to take the day off. He said he'd cover the department. He insisted. Said he was perfectly happy to tell people to just wait until Tuesday when everyone was back. So I took my blessing and decided to run with it. Another really important part of parenting is having fun! So we spent a fun (and exhausting) day at the Zoo!! I'll get around to pics and such later (Garret, Flartus... I took oodles of flower pics... Teagan was scouting out pretty flowers for me to snap)... for now, I'm going to put my feet up and enjoy the quiet as my kids cuddle on the couch and watch TV.


Joanie said...

Lucky you! I have to work Saturday and Monday of this holiday weekend. I do have off on Tuesday because John is getting tests done and I have to take him. The following week, I have a day off for Dani's graduation (YAY!). I had to cancel vacation though, but I'll get time off later.

Amy said...

I love flexible workplaces! Glad you had a good day.

Eternal Lizdom said...

The cool thing is that my workplace is never flexible. Ever. Rarely, anyway. So this was a real surprise!!