Saturday, December 19, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

There isn't really much I want wrapped up under the tree. Jeff is good about spoiling me from time to time (like with the 2 Glee soundtracks or by renting movies for me via Netflix). And, generally speaking, when I need or want something, I can afford to cover it or find a compromise. So there isn't much I'm hoping to find. But... if we're going to be honest... don't we all have something we want? 1. A morning to sleep in. I'm tired of being awake by 5:30. I'm tired of 6:30 being the definition of "sleeping in" at my house. I long to go to bed and then sleep until my body wakes me. No putting the dog out, no kids waking me up, no alarm going off. 2. An afternoon at the salon. I'm really a low maintenance gal. But there are a few things I'd love to be pampered with right now. I want my brows waxed. I want an hour long massage. I want a spa pedicure. Thank you. 3. A dining room. 4. Time and space to bake. I went back and was reading some blog posts from this time last year and came across one about my Baking Zen. I really like baking. It is calming. But only when I have a clean and semi-organized kitchen to work in and time to dedicate to the project. A kitchen island to give me more counter space and more cabinet storage would be awesome, too. 5. More opportunities to write. This is post #632. I love writing on my blog and finding creative angles and working out thoughts and ideas and issues. I also get to write for an online moms' community and I love that writing challenge, too. So if I had more opportunities to write and challenge myself creatively in new ways, that would be awesome!! 6. A summer vacation. I really, really, really, really, really want to go to Sesame Place this year. I gave it up to put vacation money towards buying a playset last year. We didn't get the playset up because of Jeff's shoulder injury. This year... if we can save up the funds... I won't back down. I want my family vacation. 7. A self cleaning living room. And laundry that puts itself away. That would solve a lot of my clutter issues. Coats that hang themselves up would be nice, too. 8. A small, carry in my purse address book. I've lost the file I was keeping with addresses of friends and family. I'm scrambling. And if I just had a good ol' fashioned paper and ink address book to carry with me, I'd never be lacking again. 9. A holder for my cell phone in my van. You know those things that mount on the dashboard? One of those. 10. Do they make organizers that sit on the floor of a minivan? I'd love a spot to put stuff- a place for trash, CD's, and so on. A place that wouldn't slide all around the floor. How about you? What are you really wishing you could ask for this holiday season? What are your unspoken or unachievable desires?


Deborah Stewart said...

Your list reminds me of what I had wanted when my daughter was little and we lived in a small brick ranch that was always dusty and I couldn't walk down the hall without bumping into something. But since then, my daughter grew up and got married, my husband finaly built the big house we always wanted (with the island in the kitchen) and I have plenty of time to sleep in and ignore the dogs or even get my hair and eyebrows done:)

So now what do I want? I really want grandchildren so my big house is cluttered with their toys and I can complain that I never have time to rest because they always need me to do something:) Oh, and I would like something new to wear!

Thank you for sharing what is on your heart - I enjoyed reading it!

Crazee Juls said...

After this crazee week-a day at the spa sounds great, and some sleep--divine!!

Joanie said...

I hope you get some, if not all of those things you wish for!

I want:

Money to get my nails done on a regular basis. I miss my nails.

Weekly massages by Tina!! OMG! I miss them so much!

For my daughter and John to get along.

Another Caribbean cruise with my friend, Tina. That was the best vacation EVER!

An Alaskan cruise/tour with John.

A dry basement.

A new dryer.

♥ Braja said...

self cleaning living room....yeah, I have one of those; it has Sundays off though, and its name is Anjana :)

I know...maids, works here...

Alison said...

Hmm...self-cleaning living room. Let me know when you find the catalog with that one in it!

I told Miss Chef I want a fence for Christmas. I know I'm not getting it, because my presents are already under the tree, and they fit into regular-sized boxes.

I know what you mean about sleeping in. I don't have kids, but when you work 6 days a week, your body doesn't recognize the 7th day as "off" (and neither does Rosie). At least I don't have to worry about little ones waking me up Christmas morning--unless Miss Chef wakes up early!

mimbles said...

I want a dining room too! I'm so sick of squeezing around the table in the kitchen and not being able to get by at all if someone is sitting there. One day we'll build the extension, I just hope it happens before the kids leave home!

Mrs4444 said...

I love this post-very funny. Self-cleaning livingroom--too funny! I hope you at least get to sleep in a few times this week :)