Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Magic Jeans

About a year ago, I wrote a post about my frustration in shopping for jeans.

Back in May, I wrote about the magic jeans given to me as hand me downs from Ashli. The jeans are about done. The fabric is actually starting to wear through. I know I need to replace them. I have a pair of black jeans and a pair of dark denim that Ashli gave me. They are heavier denim so I don't feel like they go with every look. With the magic jeans starting to show signs of wear and thining in the inner thigh area, I knew I was going to have to start the search.

I was scared.

Last time I went shopping for jeans, I literally tried on a dozen or more pairs and hated every time I stepped into that leg of pants in the dressing room. No style, no size, no design was right. Size 16 was too tight. Size 18 was too big. Some had stretchy material that made me look like a sausage. Some were hard denim that stood on its own around my flesh. I reached a point of such desperation that I even tried on men's jeans. It was depressing and frustrating. I knew this would be another venture into territory that would take time and patience. I also knew I needed jeans.

Friday evening, we went to Target. It wasn't were I intended to start my project. I was trying to find a day to go to a shopping center or mall and visit a variety of stores and department stores. I knew that my body had changed enough that it should be a more normal experience- less frustrating and depressing but still a hard task.

I was wrong.

I picked out 3 pairs of jeans in 3 different styles, all size 14. I stepped into the dressing room, took a deep breath, and took off my magic jeans. I stepped into the first pair. It was a standard pair of boot cut jeans. They were too big. Specifically too big in the waist. When I sat down, they would gap out in the back. The other pairs had wide elastic sewn into the waist to prevent that from happening. I'd found a similar waistband in pairs of capris this summer so I knew I liked that fit. I pulled on the 2nd pair of jeans. I'd found them. They fit exactly right. They fit in the legs, the waist, and the butt. My body was a size 14 normal body. There was no weird gaping or rolls of sausage. I didn't even try on the 3rd pair because I loved the 2nd pair so much.

I wore them Friday evening. I wore them Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Turns out, those size 14 jeans in a trouser, boot cut style with the elastic sewn into the waist band... are too big.

I went back to Target Sunday evening after dinner. I grabbed a size 12 from the rack and headed for the dressing room. They fit. Like magic. I have new magic jeans.

And now I have a pair of size 14 jeans that I can't return and can't wear. They cost $25. Anyone want to buy them? On sale for $20!



mimbles said...

Sweet :-) So where's the pics then?

When I find a pair of jeans that fit I buy at least 2 of them, even though they usually cost somewhere between $40 - $80 each (often closer to the upper end). But then I wear jeans nearly every day when it's cool enough. Clothes are more expensive here, plus sized clothes doubly so.

Mellodee said...

I agree with "mimbles". Whenever you find clothes that are a perfect fit and exactly what you want, buy at least 2 because in all likelihood when the first one wears out you won't ever be able to find it again! Guaranteed! :)

Garret said...

"With the magic jeans starting to show signs of wear and thining in the inner thigh area, I knew I was going to have to start the search."

LOL LOL. Of all the humorous comments you made, this one struck me as funniest. The imagery! Oy!

Mandi said...

YAY! Congratulations!!!

Didactic Pirate said...

I know it's a little odd, since I'm a guy, but I relate to this one.

I'm pretty picky about how clothes fit me. I'm not that tall, but I've got a broader frame, which means I one of those in-between size guys. And I hate shopping with a fiery passion, which means I hang onto clothes I like for a long time.

I just had to say goodbye to my favorite pair of threadbare, comfortable, perfectly fitting jeans. They were easy to wear, fit just right, and I could wear them anywhere. They're finally done. Which means I have to go to a store and buy another pair.

Dreading it.

Bill Lisleman said...

Isn't there some old saying about "if the jeans fit wear them"?

Unknown said...

I wish you could see my face right now! I am grinning like a fool and I have tears of joy in my eyes....seriously! And I'm not much of a crier! 12....as in TWELVE? Woo Hoo.....you GO girl! I am so proud of you! Now you need to branch out...go to Old Navy...go to a mall...go in all the stores and you will find that those 12's that fit you at Target are not just an oddity, but 12's are going to fit you in lots of stores! THAT feels great! Congrats to you and your skinny bum!

Lola said...

If you don't have a taker yet- I might buy those 14s from you! My 16s are getting loose and I'm setting up my 14s as goal pants.

I'm only 5'3" though- so if you think they'd be too long, let me know.

Plus, we need another PITFOV meeting and SOON.

Liz's Mom said...

I'll take them.

C. Beth said...

Yeah!!!!! Not only the perfect pants, but in a size smaller than you expected. I bet you look awesome. (Where's the photo?) :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your jeans! Jeans are the single hardest clothes item to find, even more than swimsuits, because they are worn so much more than a swimsuit.

I second the idea to get another pair! You'll probably wear them a lot and you won't want them to die without having a lineup.

Happy weekend!