Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter TV Line Up

Isn't it weird how the TV seasons have morphed? I remember being a kid and the TV schedule seemed to pretty well line up with the school year, right? New shows starting up in Sept, time off around the holidays, new stuff starting back up in Jan... The big "sweeps" months (Nov, Feb, May) bringing big story lines and conclusions and cliffhangers.
Maybe it's the weird seasons that cable has added to the line up with the multi-year hiatus from season to season... maybe it's the "demands" of the consumer for more entertainment, more intensity, more drama... maybe it's the ease of tossing reality TV into any open slot on the schedule.
Either way, the networks seem to really be embracing this new way of doing seasons this year.
We have a whole new lineup about to start this week! Some shows are coming back after a hiatus from the first part of the season, some are coming back from last year, some from this summer... either way, our TV watching is about to switch up!
MONDAY (Thank goodness we have a dual DVR)
Chuck (but the season premiere is 2 episodes on Sun, Jan 10 and then another Mon, Jan 11)
And at some point, I need to get caught up on Big Love, Dexter, and True Blood.
And we watch Saturday Night Live- DVR it and watch it and complain about how not funny it is.
Glee comes back in the spring. Far too long a wait.
Jeff's got me hooked on Doctor Who now, too. I'm going about it all backwards- I watched the Christmas and New Year's episodes (season finale episodes) and will now go back to the very start of this newly done Doctor Who and watch up until these episodes and, hopefully, be ready for the start of the next season this spring!
I think V comes back this spring, too, right?
And the new Survivor starts up in February- Heroes vs Villains!
And I suppose we'll pick back up with FlashForward, just for the sake of finding out what happens. The writing on that show needs a serious overhaul but the idea is fascinating!
Yes, we watch a lot of TV. It's our relaxing time after the kids exhaust us and are finally in bed. We like the entertainment. There is no going out, buying tickets, and so on. Just us, on our couch, being together, watching TV. It's one of my favorite things about our evenings together.
Any shows I'm missing? Any shows you are excited for?


Amy said...

Hope I get to watch more of Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother and The Office. i'd like to see The Middle and Modern Family.

mimbles said...

We tend to do all our TV watching on dvd or download, in fact the tv aerial got unplugged by accident when I put the Christmas tree lights on at the beginning of Dec and we haven't got around to plugging in back in again yet.

I haven't really paid much attention to what's coming up but Dr Who is always on the list. Hmm, wonder what is on the horizon? *goes to google*

Ooo! Being Human Season 2 starts Jan 10th.

Season 8 of Spooks will no doubt make an appearance sometime soonish here on the ABC (our public tv network), it started towards the end of last year in the UK.

Ummmm...actually, that's pretty much all I can think of as far as shows I'll go out of my way to watch, and yeah, picking up the remote control counts as going out of my way :-) Adam will sometimes turn the ABC on and we'll watch if there's something decent on but I won't watch anything on a commercial channel 'cause I can not stand ads.

Shell said...

Mondays really are the best tv nights- though I replace Chuck and Heroes with House and Gossip Girl- enough shows that I used to dvr two on one tv at every time slot and then watch the others on another tv.

We don't have a dvr now, though, so I have to pick and choose...and then catch up online!

I have a show for you on Fridays, though. White Collar on USA. It just started this fall and is coming back soon. Great show.

Garret said...

I'm so behind on TV shows!

Karen M. Peterson said...

It's amazing how many shows I manage to watch, given how much free time I do NOT have.

I watch quite a few of the shows you listed. I think the only ones I'd add are Brothers & Sisters (which has gotten really good after awhile of being lame) and Castle (which is just mindless and funny). And, of course, Deadliest Catch.

I'm so grateful for DVRs. How did we ever live without them?

Deborah Stewart said...

We don't watch much of anything except football right now:) I sneak in CSI when I can.

C. Beth said...

We watch a lot of the shows you watch. Also House.

I love your views on your TV time, Liz. We tend to do the same thing, watching together at night. And honestly I feel guilty about it; I grew up in a family with a lot less TV. But hubby grew up watching it all the time, and we do really watch a lot. But I do like the relaxation of it, like you do, and the "shared interest" aspect of it. Thanks for helping me to see it more positively!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I loved Iron Chef, but my cable provider decided to remove Food Network off their channel line up.

Project Runway starts this month and I do enjoy Man vs Food and Better Off Ted.

Modern Family is a show that cracks me up.

I would love to say I don't watch a lot of t.v, but do.

hoteltuesday said...

You are missing United States of Tara!!! SOOOOOO good! And the episodes are only a half hour and the first season was short (like 12 episodes I think) so you can catch up on before season 2 starts in the spring!