Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Lied To You

I apologize. Honesty and truthfulness and trustworthiness and all that is of the utmost importance to me and I have done you a disservice but not giving you, my readers, that same courtesy.
I know I said I wouldn't do it. But... I had to. In all honesty (finally), it's something I've been intending to do for a long time and I simply slacked off, got disorganized, and was eventually so overwhelmed that I gave up trying and was just limping along.
For the past 2 years on this blog, I have said that I don't make resolutions. This year, I lied.
This year... I made a resolution. Silently. I didn't want to say anything and then fail immediately. And it kind of started on accident. But it is truly something that has been on my mind, in my heart for some time now.
Over the past many months, I stopped being a good commenter.
The weekend of the New Year, I sat down and, over the course of that Saturday, organized my blog list. I visited every single blog and deleted it if it was dead or gone or if I , honestly, didn't read it and knew I wouldn't commit to it. I married up my dashboard with the blog list on my blog sidebar. I don't know what number I started with and ended with. I know that my 2 lists did not match and that was where I was ending up lost, confused, overwhelmed.
And since I put in all that work, I made a commitment. A resolution, if you will. When I started blogging, I used my dashboard to make daily or regular visits to the blogs I found and connected with. And I commented whenever I felt moved to do so- which was often. I'm not known for not having something to say, so commenting wasn't a challenge.
But lately... I'd pop over to a blog and read it. And leave. *hanging head in shame* I had a couple of bloggers that I would always comment for, would always work to stay connected with. But the others... I just didn't put in the effort. No excuses. Even worse, I got to the point that I would see a blog post on my dashboard, read the little header and teaser and see whatever image might be showing... and wouldn't even click over to the blog to read the full entry. Shameful, shameful.
I looooove having people visit my blog. I loooooove comments. I looooove when bloggers reply to comments left for them- by e-mail or on the blog itself. I loooooove connecting with other bloggers and not just in a one sided, behind the scenes, I'm lurking and you don't know I'm here kind of way.
I am back. I am getting back to connecting, commenting, visiting, reading, and so on. I know why I pulled back, why I disconnected... I got burned a few months back. But there is no reason to doubt others because of one, right?
So watch out... I'm commenting. I'm sharing opinions and support. You might not always like what I have to say. But I promise that I am back to being honest with you.
So... do you forgive me?


mimbles said...

Daft. You're completely daft, you know that don't you? :-) You're a commenting maestro, I see you all over the place!

I did a bit of a cull from my Google Reader a while back, re-arranged my folders and put all the blogs I wanted to visit regularly and make the effort to comment on in the one place. Then all these lovely new people kept visiting my little corner of the web and it all got messy and complicated again! LOL Ain't life grand?

Lori D said...

Forgive you? No. Absolutely not. Never. Why? Because there's nothing to forgive.

I'm in the same boat, I comment when I can and where I can. Comments is really the heart of the blog and keeps a page active and fresh. It shows that you've made an impression with someone and gives the audience an opportunity to take center stage too.

That being said, I don't always comment. In fact, I probably read more blogs than I can comment, and I hope that my readers understand that. I had to step back and realize that these kiddos in my life are *cough* more important than anyone online or anywhere. My commitment will continue to be family first, then commenting on blogs somewhere down the line.

I still manage to do a pretty good job, no? :)

Oh, and thanks for the blogroll link!

Kristi said...

Of course. You've done better than me, at least you have been reading blogs. I've barely had time to read any and certainly no time to write my own. My resolution is to read more and write too! : )

Shell said...

Totally feel ya. It was easy for me to comment on all the blogs I follow when I only followed a few. I'm trying to figure out a better way to deal with it- because I love comments, but I also love feeling like I'm connected to the people who stop by.

Joanie said...

Funny, I did something similar recently. I went through my list, deleted blogs that haven't had posts in recent months, deleted some who I read but who have never acknowledged my comments, deleted some who didn't interest me any more.

I must say I'm not a big fan of soccer mom, life is perfection, my kids are perfect and I got rid of those quite a while ago! I'd rather you tell me your kid threw up all over the living room and has daily tantrums than how wonderfully perfect they are.

Hey, I'm just glad you still read me and leave me comments! I'm also trying to comment more often too. Real comments too.

Stay real and quit apologizing! That's what we love about you!

C. Beth said...

Comments rock. But we all have to take breaks every once in awhile. I got VERY behind on blog reading recently, but I think it was a good thing--it's been fun to get back into it, and I'm not burned out anymore. :) Good resolution!!

Shannon said...

I always love to see your comments, Liz. I olove to know I am in your thoughts and prayers. With all you blog and all you read, keeping up eith th4e comments? And work? And Teagan? and Jeff? And your boy? I am sure God made an Eigth day someplace just for you. ;)

Shannon said...

Now if God would just teach me how to type with these blessed fingernails!

michelle said...

With limited time, I'm always torn between posting and reading/commenting. And I always feel like I should comment if I've read otherwise it's like eating at a friend's house and not saying thank-you.

You didn't lie... you're a busy mama just like the rest of us

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm trying to do better with commenting, too.

And there is nothing to forgive, Liz! We all...okay, most, have lives outside of the blogoverse. :-)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Karen!! I love the new pic!

Michelle- great analogy.

Shannon- I just don't keep track of time, only tasks. I get done what I can, as best I can and that's it!

Beth- You're own of my "role model" bloggers and I remember you posting about replying to comments vs replying via e-mail. I'm still debating which way is best.

Joanie- You are one of my original bloggy friends and I love that you are still here and I am still here!

Shell- That's my main thing- feeling connected. And when I'm only reading, I don't get to connect back.

Kristi- Yes, please do blog more! I love when you do!

Lori- Exactly, yes. Everything you said- about family first and the life that comments breath into a blog. True!

Mim- Another one of my first bloggy buddies. I'm so glad you've stayed on it and stayed with me!

Teacher Tom said...

Same here, Liz. Most of us have lives outside the blog world so when I don't hear from someone in awhile I generally take that to mean they're busy with real stuff. And I hope people make the same assumption about me when I disappear from the comments for awhile!

We're doing this for fun, right!

None of us should feel guilty for taking some time off every now and then . . . not that I don't often feel EXACTLY the same as you. =)

Mellodee said...

I leave a comment only when I have something to say! (Of course, that's pretty often, but not always.) I haven't been blogging very long (about 5 months), so no burnout yet. I don't expect everyone to comment every time they read my blog. Its not the price of admission, its just my little "20% gratuity". Hmmm, maybe I'm in the minority?? Is this blogger etiquette that I'm ignoring?? Still, there are only so many hours in a day and besides, if I spend any more of my day on blogs and other computer things, I think my husband just might divorce me! :)

Garret said...

Guilt. A wasted emotion. I think a quick note on a blog is sufficient. 90% of the time, I make a 2-3 sentence comment and then subscribe to the comments.

Angie @ Just Like The Number said...

You've been so good at commenting on my posts and I appreciate it so much! The more blogs you read the harder it gets, though. Especially if you read them through a RSS feed, I find myself scanning through them and never going to the original blog. I'm bad about not leaving comments on blogs that get several (or lots) of comments. My first instinct is that they're doing fine, they won't even notice my comment. But then I think if I ever get to the point where my commenters are in the double digits, I'd hate to have someone feel that way about my blog. So I'm trying to be better about commenting in those situations.

Jen said...

I'm terrible at comments too! It's a big commitment to blog and comment! It takes time, but I'm glad your being honest with us!

Amy said...

I'm late to this conversation, but wanted to chime in. I LOVE comments too. And I feel guilty that I don't always comment. Lately, life has been so busy that I find myself reading and then going back to catch up on comments days later. In fact, last night I was commenting from about 3am-5am. So I hope those folks really appreciate those comments! LOL!