Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fragments: TGIF Edition

It's Friday. These are Fragments. Mrs.4444 is our host- click the button to visit her. 'Nuff said. So, so, so glad to put this week behind us. Even if we don't have answers, we at least have the big hurdles cleared. 1. This doctor is taking it very seriously and will find us answers. The reccurence of the bleeding is an indicator of something being wrong. I was very prepared to fight to find answers so it was a weight off of me to have the doctor pick up the fight for me before it even started. 2. No tumors on the kidneys or bladder. Biggest fear. Ultrasound shows his insides are developing and growing and healthy. *** We had Teagan's first ever Parent Teacher Conference this week. The adorable thing was that Jeff was seriously nervous! We didn't hear anything shocking but we did love hearing about our girl in this school environment. In many ways, she's already learning at a Kindergarten level so there is no hesitation about her continuing on next year. She's a star student, a leader, a people pleaser, a helper. Everyone wants to be friends with Teagan. She's crazy smart. Biggest behavior issue, right now, is lying. But they love her- and who wouldn't?? *** Christy and I went through the car wash recently and were rather tickled by the sign below... especially the part about listening for it...
I have angels watching over me. I don't want to brag and I don't want to embarass my beneficiary... but there is a mom I know through a local moms' website and on Facebook and she reads my blog. The other day, she read my post about how I was carrying my stress in my back and shoulders. She sent me a message... she just happens to have a gift certificate that she isn't going to use... and she wants to send it to me... a gift certificate to a spa for a massage. Can you believe it?
Within a few hours of my daughter's weeping about death, my great-uncle Ed passed away. My mom wrote a letter to my kids about Uncle Ed and about his passing and it is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. Just a small part of it:
God has a plan for our lives. We celebrate the good times such as when a couple gets married or the birth of a precious child. We are sad when someone dies. We will always have happy times and sad times. The joy caused by your mother and dad getting married and the birth of the two of you will help me deal with my sadness of losing Uncle Ed. Most of the time people are old when they die and have a lot of pain. I think they are happy to be with Jesus and not hurt. I think they know what goes on with us after they leave us. I will have lots of little conversations with my Uncle Ed in my head now. I won’t forget him, ever.
I love my mom.
I'm really hoping we aren't the only slackers who have yet to take down the Christmas tree or turn off the outside lights... I really have to get on that this weekend. Really, really.
My Doctor Who obsession continues. I love love love it!!! The best part is that I come home each day and Jeff and I talk about the episodes I watched and what we each thought of them. But the show is so well written and so creative- I just enjoy it. And since I'm watching 3-4 episodes every day, I have total Doctor Who Brain. My thoughts have a British accent. I keep thinking of the things I could solve if I had a sonic screwdriver.
I think that's it for today. If you aren't sure what all is going on with us right now- this post is a good place to start.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Who DOESN'T listen when their back end gets washed?? ;)


Hallie :)

Garret said...

Awesome about the massage!

Mom is spot on, isn't she?

I too love the back end sign! I'm glad you photographed it. When will you and Christy be taking more fun photos such as you did:


Eternal Lizdom said...

I do need to do something crazy again sometime soon, don't I? I'll come up with something...

mimbles said...

We have a sonic screwdriver.

It's also a pen, Adam uses it in work meetings sometimes :-)

Your mom's letter is beautiful. She must be a very special person.

Dammit. Would you believe I was trying to buy you a massage gift voucher on-line today as a surprise but I couldn't convince their system to accept my Aussie credit card. So I'm waiting for them to respond to my email query. Now I'll have to think of something else...or would you like to have 2 massages? :-)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Mim!! Are you serious?? You're getting me all teary eyed!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Aren't blog friends amazing??

I'm glad you got through the week. Things will just get better, too.

I won't let myself get into Doctor Who. I know I'll love it, but I already watch way too much tv! Someday I'll check it out.

Tracie said...

That letter is very touching. And speaking of touching, nice captcha with the backend washer. Being able to hear it is a nice feature.

Have a great weekend!

mimbles said...

Of course I'm serious! I had Ashli enlisted as my partner in crime and everything :-)

Mellodee said...

You had a very stressful situation for several days, so:

1. Remember, with kids and illness, the odds are in favor of there not being anything horrid going on. Sometimes the littlest thing can present scary symptoms. Try not to anticipate the worst!

2. Enjoy your massages... both of them.

3. Take down your tree when the time is right for YOU! I've still got my partly up too, and I didn't have the week you had!

4. I used to love parent/ teacher conferences...such glowing reports!! Made me wonder why I had a different kid at home!!

5. Helping kids to understand dying is hard, mainly because most adults don't understand it either.

6. I used to love Dr. Who, this was back in the time of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. The plots were kind of a stretch, the bad guys were pretty pathetic (Daleks?? Oh c'mon, they just looked like funky vacuum cleaners. They had rollers not could they have hurt anyone!!), but the humor and the concept were terrific. And wouldn't love K-9?? My sister still loves it. I made her a Dr Who (Baker) scarf (of many colors) years ago. I think she still uses it! Be sure in all your marathon viewings you add in the old guys too!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Mellodee- our daughter is actually named after a Doctor Who companion from the old series (Teagan). We didn't start out with that as our aim... but once we chose the name, Jeff revealed the sci-fi connection!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Mim... it's a shame you are a world away because I would so love to give you a big old hug right now!! Ashli I can hug soon... you I have to hug electronically!

Amy said...

So glad to hear the good news about Zach and that the doc is taking this seriously.

Guilty -- tree still up. Lights still on. This weekend, definitely.

Tell me more about Dr. Who -- where do you watch it? Hulu? (Wholu?)

Claudya Martinez said...

How wonderful that someone is giving you a gift to help with your stress. Make sure you use it!

jp said...

my tree is still up, ugh!

happy FF :)

Mrs4444 said...

I'm very sorry about your uncle's passing, and you're right; that letter from your mom is beautiful.

Hurray on the great conference! My guess as to why Teagan is so liked by her peers is that she comes across as powerful (she's a risk-taker, and most people are chicken to do that). The qualities that drive you crazy now (the lying not withstanding) will make her an amazing woman one day.