Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wii Fit Plus

One of my favorite Christmas gifts from Jeff was my Wii Fit Plus. I worked on the Wii Fit last year, as you may recall. But I worked at it for 2 months and enjoyed it immensely and then just... stopped. But now I'm back! I was scared to get back on that board... to know how much I'd gained back... to see how many days had passed... But it wasn't horribly scarring. 300 days. 12 pounds. I can manage that. The real joy? My kids love it. We've done exercise every night after dinner, before bedtime. The new games and aerobic exercises are really fun. Bike riding, skate boarding, rhythm kung fu, snowball fight, obstacle course. You can choose a Wii Routine that takes 3 exercises and runs them one after the other- or you can create your own routine. Either way, it eliminates the down time between each exercise. Jeff is also enjoying it- because he has a bunch of stuff he gets to laugh at me about! Me- falling off the board during a yoga pose. Me- flapping my arms like crazy as a bird. Me- losing my balance and flailing about to get back on course. Anyone else enjoying the Wii Fit Plus? I'd really like to get in better shape and in about 3 months, move up to EA Active. Update on Zach: While Monday morning phone calls involved scary words like "pediatric urologist" and "bladder scope," we are set to see a pediatric urologist on Thursday afternoon. Zach will first have an ultrasound and then we have a consult with the doctor. At that point, I assume we will have an idea of what's going on inside his little body and determine some next steps. Also, we got the lab results back on his rash- it's a staph infection which just means it's bacterial and we are treating it correctly (oral antibiotic and antibiotic cream). The rash is remarkably improved. Our doctor says that the blood in his urine is not due to the staph infection. Now we just go day to day until Thursday and see what happens next. I'm choosing not to worry. Worry does nothing for us- I've turned it over and am remarkably at peace and calm about all of it. I'll post Thursday evening about the doctor visit.


Adoption of Jane said...

I will pray for good health for Zach... hope all goes well!

P.S. next time you ditch your Wii you will have to donate it to Me!!

Momza said...

The Wii looks so fun...my oldest kids brought theirs over during Christmas break and we all enjoyed it. My DIL uses the WiiFit every morning and has lost 10 lbs.
Thx for the update on Zach. I've been thinking about him! Hang in there Mama.

Unknown said...

Oh, so glad you have some info on the rash. Praying for peace til Thursday.


Garret said...

Funnier would be if Jeff snaps some photos of you flailing your arms or other silly looking photos. Get with it Jeff, keep a camera handy and hidden!

Alison said...

Re: Zach, one problem at a time, eh? Knowing the rash is under control makes it easier to focus on the other issue.

Miss Chef and I have talked about getting a Wii, but our tv's pretty small...and I'm not convinced yet that we'll use it long-term. Though I've thoroughly enjoyed my sessions on friends' Wiis!

Mellodee said...

I'm glad to know your little guy will soon be free of the rash and the doc will soon be able to tell you what's going on with the rest! The worst part of when your kids are sick is not knowing what's wrong! Once you know, then you move on to correcting it! Much less frightening! Hang in there~

Amy said...

We got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, but haven't tried it out yet. I am like you were. Afraid to get back on because of fear in seeing those numbers!

Praying all goes well Thursday.

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