Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas On The Farm

Yesterday, I took the kids to Christmas On The Farm at Trader's Point Creamery. We had a good time. It was insanely busy. I had hoped to get there first thing in the morning. It started at 9 and I was going to be there when the doors opened. Through a series of events, our plans changed slightly and then changed dramatically when my car tire ended up half flat and I was headed toward a garage anyway. So we didn't get on our way until almost 11:00. Christmas On The Farm is a market and fun things for the family to do. You can visit cows and the nursery, do some shopping from local vendors of gifts and food (I got 2 gifts covered and 2 dozen farm fresh eggs), visit Santa, and do crafts. The wait to see Santa was long and the line wrapped directly through the booths of the vendors which meant the line waiters and the shoppers intersected uncomfortably at times. The wait to see Santa was made longer when Santa took a much needed 10 minute break when we were less than halfway there. But the kids were ready to talk to him and each gave their requested gift idea- Teagan wants a hula hoop and Zach wants a guitar. Teagan also told Santa that we are going to do what we did last year- leave food for him to take and give to a family that needs it. She also told him she had drawn him a picture and would leave it for him in her stocking. Outside the big barn were 2 reindeer- they are so fuzzy and cute! But from what I hear, they aren't particularly friendly. You couldn't get right up to them so I assume that's true.
After visiting Santa and doing a little shopping and singing along with the musicians, we hit the craft table. The kids made pine cone Rudolph ornaments. And Zach had to make his fly around! Next we headed to the nursery part of the barn. There were several week old calves. And some older calves- this one really liked Teagan and even gave her a kiss right after I snapped this picture. We ended our visit with some hot chocolate and some egg nog. Trader's Point Creamery makes the only egg nog that I actually like. In fact, I love it. Zach drank half of each cup and Teagan refused to try any of it. We had hoped to buy some of the fresh gouda but the lines were just so long that waiting in a small, cramped space wasn't going to work. I would have enjoyed spending some money on the food offerings but the lines were long and the seating spaces were loud and cramped and it just wasn't going to work with the kids in tow. When they are older, it will be more fun for them.
I look forward to getting out to Trader's Point Creamery over the winter and visiting the Winter Farmer's Market a few times. Photobucket


Garret said...

A 10 minute break for Santa? I pictured it, I laughed. Dunno why.

Eternal Lizdom said...

What i found funny was the irate reaction of some of the parents around me. I wanted to see those people put on the suit and spend an hour haulling kids up onto their laps!