Monday, December 27, 2010

For my far away friends and relatives

Christmas was great. We had a lovely evening with Jeff’s family- his parents, his sister and her kids, his step-sister and her kids- on Thursday evening. Thursday night, I went out, met up with Christy and did the majority of my Christmas shopping in 2 hours. Friday, ran a few errands with the kids. Friday night was family friendly church service, home for bedtime and Santa set up, back to church (just me) for the 11:00 Lessons and Carols service. Saturday we drove to Cincinnati and enjoyed a lovely Christmas meal and presents and the company of my family- my parents, my brothers, my aunt and uncle from Kentucky, my grandparents.

My Aunt Kathy sent me messages during the day and I sent her pictures. I didn’t get to see her when she was here a few weeks ago and I really missed seeing her. So these pictures are primarily for her. And for my mom since she spends so much of her time in the kitchen- she might miss a lot of the moments. And for Em, my brother’s lovely girlfriend who was spoken of often and very fondly and everyone wished she could have been there. And for Brian- Jeff’s best friend- who was supposed to come with us but was home sick with a fever instead.

Christmas Morning

The loot:

Xmas10 1

The faces

Xmas10 2

The hula hoop

Xmas10 3

The guitar

Xmas10 4

A favorite gift- the flashlight

Xmas10 5

Christmas Day in Ohio

Xmas10 6Xmas10 7Xmas10 8Xmas10 9Xmas10 10Xmas10 11Xmas10 12Xmas10 13Xmas10 14Xmas10 15Xmas10 16Xmas10 17Xmas10 18


Katherine said...

Teagan is really rocking that hula hoop!

It looks like a wonderful Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Shell said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Love the hula hoop pic!

Garret said...

No labels on the photos of who's who??? Sheesh. ;-)