Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Season of Giving: Santa Moms

In the month of December, I'm going to feature various groups that help those in need (that means I'm posting twice a day!!). I'm not always doing fundraising for them- just bringing attention to groups that I think do important work or may need help. Perhaps you will feel the urge to connect to that group or find something similar in your area that you can volunteer your time and talents. Perhaps you will want to make a donation. Perhaps you will just feel warm and fuzzy knowing that good is being done in the world. See all posts for the Season of Giving ***** Indianapolis MomsLikeMe Santa Moms Sometimes, I have the privilege of witnessing people doing good simply because it is the right thing to do. There is a mom who started a Santa Moms group last year in an effort to reach out to moms who need help to make Christmas happen for their families. She works with her husband's company and through our website and creates teams who collect gifts and money to buy gifts and she hooks up the teams with the family who has needs. What I love is seeing this online community come together to help each other out. Moms on the site nominate someone that they know has needs. It is completely a grassroots effort. This isn't a foundation or organization. This is just women helping families- because it is what moms do. There are times that this online community fights and squabbles and some don't get along with others. But when times are hard, when one of us is hurting, opportunities become available to come together and help each other out. I've seen it happen before, I've been part of it before, and I'm honored to be part of that community. If you are interested in helping out these moms as they help families in need, contact me in the next few days. They are wrapping up their efforts and making deliveries to the families soon. I also happen to know of some moms who struggle and who never ask for help and even go so far as to reach out and help others instead of putting themselves first and I would love to do something for some of those women. If you are interested in being part of this kind of effort, let me know. Otherwise, I'd just encourage you to find a way to reach out to a family in need in your own community. Buy a gift card for a gas station or grocery store and ask a leader in your church to anonymously give it to someone in your congregation that they know is struggling. If you know of a neighbor going through a hard time, take them a meal. Ask a lonely friend to go see Christmas lights with your family. Santa Moms reminds me that we all have the opportunity to be a Santa and give someone a helping hand or a reminder that they are loved. Be a Santa this year. Photobucket


Alison said...

I thought of this theme of yours this morning when I read an article in our paper about a local hospitality house. We were blessed to have access to such a place when my dad was waiting for a heart transplant; I call them "Ronald McDonald houses for adults." :)

I don't know if you already have your list set, but this might be something worth sharing with your readers. There is a National Association of Hospitality Houses (www.nahhh.org) connecting different houses in cities all across the country. (There are 3 in Indiana, Bloomington, Evansville and Fort Wayne.)

Anonymous said...

I loved helping out with Santa Moms on IMLM and am happy to be able to do it again this year.

I am very blessed to be able to help make a small difference in the lives of others and I hope I can continue to each and every year.

I have so many friends struggling right now and I wish I could win the lotto and help them all!

Thanks Liz for the reminder to others about giving. It really is what this season is all about, if you ask me. :)

I miss your blog! I've been on blog hiatus for far too long now!

Love ya,

Ken Levinson said...

Great to see you keeping up with your Season of Giving posts Liz. Santa Moms sounds like a really great group.