Saturday, December 4, 2010

Season of Giving: Foodrunners

In the month of December, I'm going to feature various groups that help those in need (that means I'm posting twice a day!!). I'm not always doing fundraising for them- just bringing attention to groups that I think do important work or may need help. Perhaps you will feel the urge to connect to that group or find something similar in your area that you can volunteer your time and talents. Perhaps you will want to make a donation. Perhaps you will just feel warm and fuzzy knowing that good is being done in the world. See all posts for the Season of Giving ***** Foodrunners I don't remember how it is I heard of Foodrunners. It might have been a story on NPR. But it struck me at how simple and brilliant of an organization that it was. Have you ever been struck by the amount of leftovers at restaurants, catered events, buffets? And has it ever boggled your mind how much is thrown away, wasted? Foodrunners was founded to help make good use of that food. Foodrunners is located in San Francsico, CA. From their website: Food Runners is currently delivering approximately 10 tons of food a week that would otherwise be thrown away. With help from our volunteer coordinator, our paid truck driver and people like you, we can provide enough food for 2,000 meals a day in San Francisco. Foodrunners has been around for 20 years. It was started by a small group of food service professionals who were tired of the waste in front of them and the need surrounding them. It began as a small operation out of the home of a chef, Mary Risley. It has grown into a volunteer heavy organization (one paid employee- a full time truck driver) that picks up and delivers food all over San Francisco. Companies can call and arrange pick up of prepared food- companies like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, bakeries, and schools. The food is taken from business to organization or group that can distribute it to those in need. Foodrunners is even set up to be able to take a donation of a home cooked meal and give it to a family or group in your neighborhood. Go check out the website and learn more about it. Maybe you are in the San Francisco area and might be able to get involved- arranging a new donation source or becoming a volunteer. Maybe you'd like to make a donation. Or maybe just being aware of this sort of organization will leave you more aware of food waste around you. Do you know of a program like Foodrunners in your area? Photobucket

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Bill Lisleman said...

I have heard of the concept but didn't know the name of any org doing it.
We give to local food pantries.