Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Actual Craft Show!

This past Saturday, Hendricks County Convention & Visitors Bureau invited me on a holiday tour to see all of the fun things offered in Hendricks County during the holiday season.

We started the day at the Tri Kappa Gingerbread Christmas. It's a craft show and I have to admit that I wasn't terribly excited about it. However, the President of the Tri Kappa chapter spoke to us to give us information about the history of the event and she told us that they only accept true artisan vendors- people who are creating the product and not just reselling a direct sales item or from a kit that anyone can buy at a craft store. She had my interest!! We only got to spend an hour so it was a quick walk up and down the very packed venue. I am marking my calendar now for next year's event (first Saturday in December) and I will be saving up so I can spend more, too! I love going to a craft show where the artist is literally sitting there creating before your eyes. I love seeing things made in my state by people who live nearby. I love knowing there is such great talent all around! There was sewn items, knit items, tatting, woodwork, painting, wood carving, a few food stops, bake sales... at every turn, I found something that would have been the perfect gift for someone. Maybe I'll see you there next year!

The woman in charge of this booth has a grand daughter named Teagan who is just 4 months old. It was a delight to talk to her. Her grand daughter has Downs Syndrome and is an absolute blessing to this family. I bought a wooden family decoration of snowmen with each of our names on it from them. Any family that likes “Teagan” is ok by me!

Kappa wreath

Indiana is known for rocks. Maybe I know that more than some because my husband works for a mining company (limestone). But this guy takes sandstone and slate and makes fantastic decorative pieces!

Kappa stones2
Kappa stones1
Kappa stones3

Mmmmm…. Cookies!

Kappa cookies

Can’t go wrong with artisan chocolates! This is Chocolate For The Spirit. I need to buy some of these chocolates- they actually make 2 varieties that are infused with wines from Chateau Thomas! My 2 favorite things combined- heaven!!

Kappa chocolate

One of our favorite finds was an older couple who only do 2 craft shows a year. This is the gentleman’s hobby and he uses his love of woodwork to earn a little extra money. He is very skilled and could really take this business far if he wanted to- but they don’t want to. They like doing their 2 shows per year. Again, if I’d had the funds to spend more, there is a lot I would have purchased from Bopa’s Wood Shop!
This was a special order that he made for the Plainfield Fire Department.

Kappa Bopa firetruck

A collection of cars, trucks, and planes that he made. He makes everything nail free- he makes his own wooden dowels. It was fantastic to talk with him- he truly took pride in his work.

Kappa Bopa1

He also started doing, by request, a line of items for those who have American Girl dolls. This is a travel case he made- including little handmade wooden hangers. He showed me pictures of furniture he’s made- couch, chairs, end table, and more.

Kappa Bopa AG Case

This is a crane- all parts work and move and fun stuff like that.

Kappa Bopa Crane

A very cool xylophone that he made. The top is carved giraffes that you strike with the mallets that are held by the elephants.

Kappa Bopa2

I was also fascinated by these outdoor fire stones. You pour in fuel (can use citronella) and the wick and you have a really cool outdoor candle. I had to chuckle when an older woman asked the guy if she could use it as a night lite… he was very careful in his wording so as not to insult her for asking such a dumb question.

Kappa Rock Candles

I didn’t see this- would have bought one if I had. My friend Angie from Just Like The Number found this ear warmer and I think it’s fantastic!

Kappa Angie6 side
Kappa Angie6 front

2011… Tri Kappa Gingerbread Christmas… Plainfield High School

I will be there and I will be a shopping fool!!



Shell said...

Oh, I love that ear warmer! I was thinking of getting something like that for my son's TA b/c she helps outside in the carpool lane and she always looks so cold!

C. Beth said...

What great stuff! Love the ear warmers. :)

Garret said...

I'm still stuck on cookies. Yum!

Mellodee said...

I love those kind of shows! The work is so original and creative!!

Mellodee said...

Or maybe what I love is this kind of show or those kinds of shows! (Funny, they all sound wrong!!) Arggh!

Sandra said...

I was in heaven just looking at your pics of the craft show. I have been forbidden by all my family and friends from going anywhere near a craft show. At one point, my house was so full of craft, they had to conduct a craft intervention!

Angie @ Just Like The Number said...

I love my ear warmers! They were only $10 - wish I would have picked up a few more to give as gifts. It was fun to hang out with you last Saturday, and so nice to meet Christy in person!