Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Week At Home

My department is shut down this week. Back in february, Corporate gave a directive to only have necessary employees in office the week after Christmas. My department followed the strong recommendation and we all planned accordingly. And I am spending my week at home with the family. Jeff is mostly off work (using up vacation time but on call and went in this morning to handle some stuff). The kids' school is closed. It is hard to adjust. We aren't used to spending so much time together. That sounds kind of sad, doesn't it? But it's like that with anything. When school starts up again next week and grown ups go back to work, there will be adjustments in those settings, too. Sunday was church, lunch with family, and a movie evening of Toy Story 3 and our new popcorn popper. Monday, I went shopping. Tuesday, we went out to a movie (Tangled). Today, Jeff took Teagan with him to work and I stayed home with Zach to do some housework. Jeff took Teagan so that our kids- and us grown ups- could have some peace. The fighting and complaining and whining when we are all in the same house is driving the grown ups insane. So separating seems to be the easiest answer. I've been productive today. I got the kitchen semi-cleaned up so I could make breakfast. Eggs, toast, coffee for me. And I have completely cleaned the bathroom. The kids and I share a bathroom and it is also the main house bathroom so it has to stay relatively straightened up anyway. However, the clutter was getting out of hand and it needed a deep scrubbing. It took me almost 2 hours- with frequent interruptions by a cute little boy- but I cleaned out all the drawers, cabinets, and under the sink. I scrubbed and polished and wiped and threw away and bagged up and organized anything I could get my hands on. And I feel great now! Next up- provided the boy goes down for a nap soon- is to attack the bedroom. The clothes are taking over again and the laundry needs to start getting washed before it completely blocks off the hallway. Later today, we are going to pick up my brother and his girlfriend- they are staying downtown for a Christian youth conference of some sort and have a few free hours this evening. We're going to take them to have a little fun. Thursday is Christmas with Brian and Christy. Jeff and Brian and some friends are going to see Tron in the afternoon. Then dinner and presents and hanging out at our house. Friday I am going to Zumba and out to lunch with a friend. Might get to plan a play date with a friend. No big plans for New Year's Eve this year. Just a quiet night at home. Saturday night, I am taking Jeff out for his birthday. I can't share what I'm doing because it's a surprise. He set up a surprise dinner for my birthday- made reservations for us at Melting Pot. I think I have made a choice he'll be happy with to celebrate his birthday. Sunday is Jeff's birthday. And Monday we go back to the "real world." Funny that a week felt so long before it started but now feels like it's going way too fast... Photobucket


Garret said...

The real world. Ick!

Take plenty of photos of the birthday boy!

Mrs4444 said...

Everyone likes routine. Of course, having room for non-routine cleaning projects is also nice. Enjoy the rest of your week! Happy New Year!

Katherine said...

A week sounds like a long time, but the time sure flies by fast. I think that every vacation that I will have time for everything I want to do, but end up only doing a fraction of it.

Karen M. Peterson said...

It sounds like you're having a pretty good week. I have a million things to do and I've done exactly one. Whoops!

Good call, splitting up the kids for the day. Too much togetherness does weigh on young'uns after awhile!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the sibling squabbles! My kids have been at each other all week - I finally told them to grow uo today! THey are 14 and 19 and this mom shouldn't have to listen to them bickering...not sure why, they usually get along great!

The real world next week will make us both wish for more squabbling! :)

Momza said...

Enjoy your time off, you deserve it!

Kiss your babies and snuggle with your love....that's the good stuff!