Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Just a few final thoughts and pictures to share from our weekend!

Sunday, after getting home from our trip, I took my nap, we had lunch and Teagan insisted she didn’t need a nap. But when I explained that she had the opportunity to go to the Zoo and see Santa later and that it was her responsibility to take a nap first… she quickly changed her tune. Jeff called me back about 20 minutes later… to find her bed empty!


I also took a few shots of some of the dried or artificial flower arrangements in my Aunt’s home. I’ve stored them at my photo blog.

And then there was our trip to the Zoo! I have a TON of pics to share here. This was our first time- and it reminded me of the times my parents and I went to a similar event at the Cincy Zoo a few times. Hot chocolate, lots of lights, a ride on the train, visiting Santa. I was fortunate to be an invited guest of and we started our trip with a small party where we had time with Santa and some snacks. Teagan loved seeing Santa… Zach was very unsure at first- but the look on Teagan’s face as Zach melts down is classic. No worries- Zach gave Santa a high five before we left! Then we went around the Zoo, checking out the lights and some of the animals. We rode the train- and Zach was positively gleeful the entire time and kept saying “I liked it!! I liked it!!” afterwards. We had hot chocolate and hot apple cider. As we were leaving, Jeff, with no prompting, said “I think this is a new family tradition!”

(Click a photo to see the full size image)

Visiting Santa.

12.6.a 12.6.b 12.6.c 12.6.d

Can you find Nemo?

12.6.e 12.6.f 12.6.g 12.6.h 12.6.i

Mistletoe in the Dolphin Dome. Jeff and I took a moment together underneath, of course!


In trying to capture the effect of the light and water in the dome, I asked Teagan to lay on the floor. She immediately became mesmerized and zoned out…

12.6.k 12.6.l

This is the pic at one of those “wishing wells” fundraising things. I just think the picture is adorable!!

12.6.m 12.6.n 12.6.o 12.6.p 12.6.q 12.6.r

Teagan, petting a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.


Zach, being cautious- wanting to see, refusing to touch.

12.6.t 12.6.u 12.6.v

Some images of the lights from the little train we took a very cold, but very fun, ride. The second pic- the streaming effect- is my fave.

12.6.w 12.6.x


Happy Holidays!!!


michelle said...

Looks like a wonderful winter family day!

hoteltuesday said...

Aww! Kids with Santa. For some reason, I don't have any pics of me with Santa... But I have one with the Easter bunny.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Fun pictures! Looks like a great day. I had never heard of zoos doing this until this year, and now I find out that quite a few of them have done it for years!

Cajoh said...

Yes, you did have a jam packed weekend. I mostly did shopping. But today we have snow so we might get some sledding time in.

Have a great week!

Garret said...

As usual, some great photos. I love the angles and perspectives you use. Very creative!

Eternal Lizdom said...

@hoteltuesday I don't think I have any Santa pics either... I don't recall Santa being a huge deal to me... and I figured it out pretty early (around age 5, I think, and at Easter time).

@CaJoh I thought of you on our drive to Chicago- when we drove under an oasis, I looked to see if anyone was play Gui-car Hero!

@KAren I don't know why we waited as long as we did to go to our Zoo's winter event. I have these great memories of the Zoo in Cincy and they offered more stuff like wandering carolers and sleigh rides and such. The best was the big winter fun stuff at Kings Island though!!

designHER Momma said...

our zoo is so great isn't it? Oh, and I love how you took pictures of her out of her bed - I do the same thing...

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a happy and very full day! It looks GREAT!
Thanks for sharing.

Mrs4444 said...

Omigosh! You have got to enter that first Santa pic in the contest here:

Way too funny...

Amy said...

great pics of the zoo. We went to our Zoo's Wild Lights event, too.