Friday, November 7, 2008


I read something on The Atlantic's website and I really felt like sharing it. "If you ask people which makes them happier, work or vacation, they will remind you that they work for money and spend the money on vacations. But if you give them a beeper that goes off at random times, and ask them to record their activity and mood each time they hear a beep, you’ll likely find that they are happier at work. Work is often engaging and social; vacations are often boring and stressful. Similarly, if you ask people about their greatest happiness in life, more than a third mention their children or grandchildren, but when they use a diary to record their happiness, it turns out that taking care of the kids is a downer—parenting ranks just a bit higher than housework, and falls below sex, socializing with friends, watching TV, praying, eating, and cooking." I must be quite the minority. I am definitely happier at home or on vacation than at work. Not that I am unhappy at work. But I would just rather be wherever my kids are. Taking care of the kids is a downer? Not for me. It's stressful sometimes. It is hard work a lot of the time. But I feel happiest when I am out with my kids, playing and exploring. You wouldn't have known that had you seen us in a restaurant for breakfast this morning. But it really is the truth. When I am at work, I will always prefer to leave, get my kids, go to the park, go home, whatever. But, another part of the truth is that I do enjoy and value my job. I like having a lunch break. I like having the ability to use my brain to problem solve warehousing and inventory and production problems and not just constant demands for candy or nose wiping or finding the right blue crayon. When I am sitting on the couch and my Teagan is dancing around the living room, gleefully singing a made up song about loving her Mommy and Daddy... there is no where else I would rather be. And on the flip side, when Teagan is having a meltdown, a tantrum, an out of control fit, there isn't anyone else I would want there, dealing with it with her. There are other people I trust with her, of course. Others that I know would guide her through the difficult emotions bringing on the meltdown. But, in all honesty, if she is going to be screaming and crying, I want to be there with her. So I get the point of the article. And maybe I'm just an oddball. And maybe part of the problem with the world today is that so many parents do want to find as many ways as possible to not be with their kids. I don't know. I don't claim to have any answers. So read the article and then share your POV. I'd love to hear what others think. Are you happy with your life and each moment as it comes? Are you frequently wishing you were somewhere else, wishing for something different? If you are truly happy, share it. And if you aren't, let's figure out what you need to do to get happy with all that you have!

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Anonymous said...

Well I am a SAHM and have been since I had my oldest daughter. Now, granted there are days where I feel like I might go INSANE, but I think I would go nuts wondering what the girls were doing if I worked away from home.
Now I do find that I truly miss the socialization of working with other adults, but I worked in daycare where I would just be absolutely exhausted at the end of the day to deal with my own children.

So I'm with you, I'd rather be home MOST of the time!