Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Are you American? Did you vote today?

I'm sure the blogosphere is bogged (or blogged) down with posts about voting so I will keep mine as brief as possible. Vote. Aside from not being registered, there is no reason not to. Even if you dislike both candidates, go and do a write in. Let your voice be heard. Jeff and I voted together today, with our kids. I feel that it is very important to expose my kids to voting. I feel that by taking them with me to the polls, they learn that voting is an important part of our value system. Voting is something I respect and admire. Of course, I far prefer that people vote my way, the right way. ;) I've had a few firsts with this election. 1. I've never before done any volunteer work for a political candidate. 2. I've never donated money to a campaign. 3. I've never wanted to watch 24/7 coverage of results. I wish it was bedtime right now. I want to be home, glued to CNN and other news outlets. I want to be watching the projections, seeing coverage of the candidates casting their own ballots, seeing coverage of voting problems. So go and vote. And if you vote for Barack Obama, I'll be your best friend. (Sidebar. While I am pretty firmly planted in my liberal left ways, I did vote for 2 Republicans by choice. We had many uncontested races on our ballot so I had no choice there. But I did vote for Mitch Daniels to continue as Governor of Indiana and I voted for Zoeller over Pence for Attorney General. So I don't vote straight ticket, I don't vote blindly by party lines.)

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Anonymous said...

I will tell you Liz that, as a Canadian, if I had to vote, I'd vote Obama. I watched so much of him - more than any political coverage I've ever watched. He is fascinating and I think he's about as genuine as a politican gets. I hope I'm not being naive, but I think he's the best chance at change and recovery your country stands to get. I hope he wins by a landslide and he does right by your country.