Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We All Won

I had my emotions pretty well in check. Then I turned on The View. I've become a regular watcher. I tune in daily to see Whoopi and Joy take on Elizabeth, to hear the questions Sheri asks as she tried to make a decision. I've been beyond frustrated with Elizabeth so many times... I tune in today and so many tears. My friend, Latifa, and I have been crying together, hugging. Sheri spoke of watching the results roll in... and of her son... he is young, like my kids... and seeing Obama's acceptance speech and realizing that now, there are "no limitations." And she broke down into tears. And I cried. Tears of joy and also of past pain. My friend cried and we cried together. Elizabeth won me over to her humanity. Again, through a child a life lesson was taught. Elizabeth was explaining to her young daughter that Obama won. And when her daughter asked who lost... Elizabeth answered "No one. We all won." We have all won. The results of this election transcend politics and government. I don't think my reaction would be so emotional if a woman had been the one making history. There just isn't the same painful background. There just isn't the same plight. And women have continued to make strides. And white women have been able to move forward and upward. It isn't perfect and never will be. I don't feel that I am treated equally to my male counter parts in my job. But I do often feel smarter than some or that I do my job better than some. My business relationships reflect that. While I want to see a woman in office, shattering that glass ceiling... This is so much more. This breaks chains and weakens whips and strengthens marchers and frees souls and releases burdens and so much more. Barack Obama wasn't my candidate because he is black. But because he is black, he has changed the country in which my children will grow up. Barack Obama being voted into the highest office of this country is proof that every vote counts. That every voice deserves to be heard. I feel like I have so much I want to say. I feel like there is so much opportunity for openness and unity and connection that hasn't been there before. We have a black President who won the job by the content of his character, and not the color of skin. We have an election that proves that not all white people are racist. We have a future that is open and brighter and beyond what we've seen before. So Elizabeth got it exactly right. We ALL won.


Kristi said...

Liz, you hit the nail on the head. And I have tears in my eyes for about the 20th time since last night. We truly have all won!

mimbles said...

The rest of the world stand to benefit too, congratulations and thank you :)