Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Have A Role Model

I just wanted to make it official. I have a new role model. I want to learn everything I can about Michelle Obama. First, I want to take you back... many months ago, President Elect Obama and family traveled to a park in Hamilton County for a "picnic" with the volunteers of his campaign. I attended with my kids, my friend Latifa and her son Nate. The First Daughters These girls, this family, this mom... Blogs are apparently abuzz with discussion about Michelle Obama's dress last night. She didn't wear a suit from Oscar de la Renta. *gasp* The horror!

Let me tell you... I love this dress! It is fresh, stylish, now. Michelle Obama has a style that I can emulate, that I would feel comfortable in.

What I like about Michelle is that she feels like someone I can relate to. But also someone I can learn so much from. I am eager to learn and hear and absorb.

I think about the change coming up for these little girls. On one hand, I am heart broken that they have to leave their friends, their home, their school. But from what I've heard from the Obamas, they are working very hard to really prepare these girls for what their lives are about to become and what this life means to so many. And can you imagine the sleepovers they will be able to have??

Here is a glimpse into this woman, her life.

A working mom who changes her career based on the needs of her family. That is my kind of hero. That is my kind of role model. That is my kind of style.

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Anonymous said...

I love Michelle! I love that she calls herself the "mommy-in-chief."