Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh, Bother.

I am down in the dumps today. I hate days like this. I'm good at getting out of the funk so bear with me. The church thing is still weighing on my mind. I know I need to call my pastor and speak to him directly. But I still feel like I have inner things to work out about it first. I'm a huge fan of the blog Cake Wrecks. I've linked you to today's entry specifically because... a week or so ago, I spotted a Wreck. It was in a bakery case at a local grocery store and it just wasn't right. This morning, the Cake Wrecks post goes up... I see the teaser in my Blogger Dashboard... it's MY cake!!! I go to the page... it's not my entry, not my name. The cake is being made generically by bakeries all over, I guess. So... here's my pic of the wreck I found... Guess I just have to keep Wreck-spotting for a while. I discovered the big reason for today's melancholy, though. Teagan is 3 years and almost 8 months old. Aside from necessary bang trimming, she has never had a haircut. Miss Lisa cuts hair. She's cut my hair before. She does haircuts in her kitchen in the evenings. She sometimes does an afternoon of kid cuts after naptime at daycare. For the longest time, Teagan had zero interest in getting her hair cut but she loved coming home with ponytails and braids that Lisa did for her. For the last week, Teagan has been asking to have Miss Lisa cut her hair. Zach is also very ready for his first haircut. So I told Teagan that we would talk to Lisa and set up an evening when we could get both haircuts done. We keep talking about it and have been talking to Lisa, trying to figure out a time that would work. This morning, Teagan asked again. Here's the thing. She isn't whining or demanding when she asks. She's just asking and is excited about it. She is being persistent but is doing everything we ask her to do- use your words, normal voice, etc. So we are at Lisa's and Teagan asks me to ask Lisa if Lisa will cut her hair today. I tell Teagan she can ask Lisa herself. Teagan's normal response would be to ask me to ask for her. And she started to say that... and then changed her mind, went over to Lisa, and asked if Lisa would cut her hair today. Lisa said yes. Teagan asked if she would cut Zach's hair too. Lisa said no- Mommy and Daddy want to be here for Zach's first haircut. But this is also Teagan's first hair cut. I could have spoken up and asked that we wait until both kids can have their hair cut in the evening. But Teagan was doing everything right. So I sacrificed my moment for her happiness. Happiness is... a first haircut. Sacrifice is... not being there for it. And then Teagan melted and broke my heart... she is bubbling with the excitement of having Lisa cut her hair... and she turns to Lisa and says... "Will you make it look just like my Mommy's?" Yup... I'm getting all weepy right now. *sigh* Being a mom who works full time away from home really sucks sometimes.


Boozy Tooth said...

Hello fellow Cake Wrecks fan. Sorry the deer cake post wasn't yours, but in spirit it was. Great minds thinking alike and all that.

Sorry you're feeling blue. Working moms have it tough. I'll be your blog psychologist whenever you want.

Alixandr Hice

mimbles said...

Your daughter is just gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

I followed your link from cake wrecks. Hang in there, Mom! I've also got two kids and some of those same kinds of regrets. As moms, we just do the best we can, and while your precious little girl's first "official" haircut may not have happened how you really wanted it to, you did a good thing by allowing her to have the "reward" for her good behavior. Cut yourself a little slack!

Monique D.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Pooh, it's ok. Or at least it will be. You got to see her haircut, and at the end of the day, T asking for her hair to be "like mommy's" just goes to show that even though you are full time away from home, you are still your daughter's hero.