Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happiness is...

Back when I was still involved in community theatre, I wound up, through a series of events outside of my control, volunteering to direct "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." It was a great show. The cast bonded remarkably and had so much fun bringing these characters to life. There is a song in the show that frequently pops into my head and I love it because I can so easily make up my own lyrics. The lyrics are a bunch of things that kids find bring them happiness- crayons and telling time and tying your shoe. My favorite lyrics... For happiness is anyone and anything at all That's loved by you. When I think about happiness that way, I realize that there is a lot in my life that brings me happiness. And that love and happiness breed more love and happiness. For example. It's all a cycle. The more I can bring about happiness, the deeper the love in our family grows.
I love my family. My husband, my son, my daughter, our dog.

I love my kids. They bring me indescribable happiness (most days, anyway). My son loves his sister. There is nothing better than big sis for playing and laughing. And how can that not bring everyone happiness? Teagan loves ballet class. This is beyond happiness. This is joy in its purest form. And how could I ever be part of all of this love and joy and happiness and not be part of the happiness, too? I watch my son's face light up when his sister enters the room. I watch my daughter leap and jump and plie and twirl. I watch my husband guide and teach and joke. I watch. And am fulfilled.

Happiness is... being a mom.

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