Monday, November 24, 2008

Steppin' To The Bad Side...

Bonus points to the first person who knows what the title is quoting!!

Update on the 7 Day Step Challenge...

And for those who are unaware, this was first discussed last week.

Tues 10,242 steps
Weds 11,581 steps
Thurs 11,052 steps
Fri 10,285 steps
Sat 10,065 steps
Sun 10,143 steps

So 7 days of 10K steps could officially be over as of today. But I started the challenge last Thursday so I feel like I need to get 10K through Weds. And 9 days of 10,000 steps per day sounds better, yes? 10 days of 10K would be really awesome... but Thanksgiving Day would be that last day... I will try but I make no promises and will feel no disappointment if I don't achieve all 10K that day.

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