Saturday, November 8, 2008

A New Laptop!!

Quick note... Yahoo for Jeff! I love being married to an IT geek. My laptop was falling apart. It worked fine- a little slow, a few glitches here and there. But it did what I needed it to do. And then the screen hinge broke. So the wires are stressed if I close the laptop. Last night, Jeff worked it all out for me by getting a new laptop all set for me! Very exciting. And it's got Windows Vista on it so we'll see what I think of that. I'm a PC. Just so you know. More later... gotta get back to the fam!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Vista. I wasn't its biggest fan. LOL

I switched to Mac and after being terrified that I wouldn't "get" it, I picked it up pretty fast! And I am NOT technology-prone at ALL.

That said, bottom line - Jeff rocks. (Even if he keeps beating me up on Facebook with the Superheroes application...)

Amy said...

I'm a PC masquerading as a Mac.