Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Dream Realized

Not so long ago, I posted a little confession.

I also let my readers in on a little secret plan that Jeff and I had to get out and see a movie on a long lunch hour... but the plan was thwarted by the urgency of all pre-teens and tweens and such to see High School Musical 3 on the day it opened.

But today... our dream came true. Jeff and I went on a date and saw HSM3. True dat. We missed the 4:00 show and ended up in the 4:30 screening... of the SING ALONG version of the film! Yup. Had we only seen it before, we could have been singing along with Gabriella and Troy and Sharpay and the gang.

It was as cheesy and corny and syrupy as anticipated. And I loved almost every minute of it. There was seriously some awesome choreography. The funniest moment? There were about 12 families in the crowd. A family of 4 comes into our row and sits down. So the row is Jeff, me, a chair with my purse and jacket, a little girl, a mom, a little boy, a dad. When they sit, the dad looks over at us with this chummy eyeroll of "Gosh. Can't believe we all got dragged into this one..."

Yeah. Joke's on YOU buddy. No one dragged us here! Ha!

Sadly, no one sang along...

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mimbles said...

My kids and I would totally have sang along! I've been wanting to go to a sing-a-long screening of Mamma Mia but life keeps getting in the way :(