Monday, November 10, 2008

Snip, Snip! The Haircuts!

Miracles do happen. I've long believed it and can show examples of many miracles in my life. Some are big deal, life impacting miracles. And some are normal, every day type miracles that you just have to be watching out for. Friday, I got my miracle. I had so many nice responses to the post about missing Teagan's first haircut- it was very touching. It's good to know that others have felt the same, understood, sympathize and empathize. This mothering thing is hard. Working and mothering is hard, too. Without going into too much detail, for the sake of protecting the innocent, I'll just say that a way was found for me to be with my kids for their haircuts. YIPPEE! And, to add to the miracle, Jeff was able to be there, too! Teagan went first. She was very excited to be "the one" in the chair. She's watched and watched the other kids get their haircuts and now it was finally her turn in the spotlight. As you can see, she was quite pleased with how things were going. It was all too good to be true... to have a first haircut go so smoothly. And this is Teagan we are talking about- the Queen of the Mood Swing.
And the funny thing? That meltdown has NOTHING to do with getting her hair cut. Lisa's son came home from school and Teagan was mad that she didn't get to see his school bus. So the first half of the hair cut was idyllic and the second half was some weird Kafka-esque scream fest. OK, maybe not that bad. But hugely frustrating.
And it dampened her mood significantly. Here she is after the cut. No more screaming or crying but you can see that she is still not back to happy, excited hair cut girl.
I was kinda sad about the haircut after it happened. Not much I could do about it, of course. But during her bath Friday night, she leaned her head back so I could rinse the shampoo from her hair. I'm used to that head tipped back hair reaching down to the lower part of her back, very top of her bottom. Not anymore. Now her tipped back hair reaches halfway down her back. I know it's hard to tell much difference in her dry hair. But the change when washing it made me a bit melancholy. And Zach had his turn, of course. Let me tell you- I haven't actually seen many first haircuts. I have seen a lot of pictures of first haircuts and it seems to almost always involve screaming and tears. But not Zappy! I know this primarily had to do with Lisa being the one to cut his hair. He was in a kitchen he knew and the people that were doing all this weird stuff to him were people he knows, loves, trusts. That is what really made it all ok for him. Here he is before... this was last week, playing with his sister (hence the headband). And here is the haircut! Lisa even used clippers on him. I love the look on his face in this one...

And a couple fun, random shots... Mohawk baby!

Sharing some love with Lisa during the haircut (you wouldn't ever get THAT in a salon- at least, not without risking arrest or something). And my baby... now looking like a BOY. Looking old and handsome and big. Not so much a sweet, feathery baby.
Saturday morning... pj's, haircuts, and a chair to share. That's what life is all about!
So don't miss the miracles. The little ones can often have the biggest meaning and get you what you most need at the time!

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