Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Ties

So many pictures to share from the weekend so far!! We spent Thursday in Cincinnati with my family. We spent Friday morning at The Children's Museum. It was a special event day- we got there at 8 for face painting and to explore the Winter Wonderland play space prior to Santa's big arrival and the opening of the big holiday slide. You'll have to wait for the Museum pics... I'm just going to share the Thanksgiving ones now. Which means a lot of "getting to know Liz's family."
My dad... we have a special relationship. But that is a long story that will come on another day!
Teagan playing ping pong with Grandpa.
Zach, enjoying a cracker before lunch.
Jeff's best friend (since 3rd grade), Brian.
Zach loved Mommy's cranberry sauce best of all!
My brothers- Daniel and Ted. Daniel is a sophomore in high school. Ted is a freshman in college (Univ of Dayton).

And a very special picture. My mom. Her sister, Martha. My Grandma. My daughter. Would have been great if Jeff could have gotten a pic with me in it to show all the generations. But I didn't think of it at the time. But here are 3 of our 4 generations!


Garret said...

I'm being distracted by that orange couch! Someone needs a slip cover.

I's so happy comments are working for me here! Yay.


Jim McCann said...

HOLY COW! Your brothers grew up so fast!!! (well, no faster than the rest of us, but it's still amazing to remember kids and now see them as adults...)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Garret... oh, the orange couch... I prefer to think of it as a burnt umber or sienna... ha! That thing is at least 30 years old. Insanely comfy yet hideously ugly.

Jim- I KNOW!!!

mimbles said...

Looks like you had a lovely day :)

That picture of Teagan playing with her Grandpa is so cute!