Thursday, November 27, 2008

Because I'm Grateful For My Readers...

A Giveaway!!! Winter Day Play by Nancy F. Castaldo

Description from Amazon:

Whether the snowfall is light or heavy or the day is just so blustery that indoors seems better than out, there is something for children to enjoy among the more than 70 suggestions in this book. Creative possibilities include building a Japanese snow cottage (kamakura), fashioning a snow sculpture, or painting on snow with food coloring. Basic science projects involve observing and studying snowflakes and tracking and measuring snow prints. "Arctic Adventures" explores Inuit culture. Party ideas range from a teddy-bear sleepover to activities for celebrating the Chinese New Year. Recipes are included as well. A potpourri of simple ideas to fill the long winter days.

The prize: 1 copy of the book

The contest: Leave a comment. Answer this question- "What is your favorite cold weather activity?"

I will use a random number generator to select the winner. Contest is open until Friday, 9:00 p.m. EST. Contest is open to anyone! Feel free to pass along the link to friends! If you post this on your own blog or share it on another website, post a second comment for a second entry!

Good Luck!


mimbles said...

My new favourite cold weather activity is sitting around an open fire with a bunch of people dressed up in medieval clothing, eating stew and drinking homebrew beer from a drinking horn.

Prior to discovering the joys of historical re-enactment I'd have said curling up on the lounge under a doona with a mug of hot chocolate and butterscotch schnapps and a good book to read. Especially if it's raining outside.

Not that I'll be doing either of those things for a while what with being in the southern hemisphere and all.

Anonymous said...

My favourite cold weather activity is HOPPING ON A PLANE FOR A 5 HOUR RIDE TO MEXICO FOR A WEEK!!!

Valerie said...

That's sweet of you to do Liz!
We have a couple things we like to do. I either pop of the indoor play tent and we go all out (down to shorts/t-shirts, sleeping bags, etc), or i strip them down to their dipes, throw down some butcher paper, throw some paint on that and just let them go at it (always in the kitchen and always when the floor/walls need a good scrub) :)

morninglight mama said...

Ahh... that's got to be to sit by the wood stove with a mug of hot cocoa... does that count as an actual 'activity?!' :)

Anonymous said...

What? No one likes to go outside in the winter?
I love to go skating outdoors!

A real winter canadian thing to do is to pour real maple syrup on snow and spin it around a stick. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

My favorite cold weather activity is getting the kids and my husband together in the living and watching 'A Christmas Story'. After all these years, I can still sit through the whole movie!

Christina said...

I love doing the simple things with my boys, making snow angels and snowmen! When they get a little bigger, I'm going to teach them how to build a snow fort and throw snowballs at their Dad!

mimbles said...

Jennest, we went camping this winter just gone, so definitely outside :) No snow though!

NanC said...

What fun! I was so excited to find this contest for your readers. Thank you! In appreciation I'd like to forward you a copy of my latest book Keeping Our Earth Green. I'll email you for your address!
Thanks again!
Nancy Castaldo