Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gray Gray Saturday

Bah. Blah. Ugh. Busy day but nothing exciting today. Got up. Groomer came to groom Sassy. We use a mobile groomer- she has a decked out truck and can do full grooming services right outside your home. It rocks and costs the same as if we took Sassy somewhere. And we love our groomer!! Rhonda is friendly and great with our little pooch. Dance class. Teagan just loves it. It is such a good match for her personality and she really shines in there. Home for Zach's nap. I tried to go donate blood but my iron was low. Again. So they signed me up for an iron program- they will send me free iron supplements. I take them for 60 days and then go back to donate. That should do the trick... I am bound and determined to become a blood donor. It is something that is very important to one of my closest friends and I really want to do this for her. I've tried 3 times in the past 3+ months and been turned down each time. Lunch. And then a trip to the grocery store. Our local Marsh was having a holiday event- full of samples and demonstrations! We had hot cider, yogurt covered pretzels, apple slices, chicken wings, crackers, pita chips, cheese ball spread, hummus, a chipotle dip, shrimp with cocktail sauce, lil smokies in bbq sauce... it was practically a full meal! But no demonstrations... And now we are home. Trying to get Teagan to go to sleep. It's rainy and cold and gray outside. I think I'm catching a cold. I need to go to church for a little while for the prayer vigil. I had wanted to go downtown for the rally but with the weather and my stuffy sneeziness... I'm not going to make it. So a typical, boring day at our house. Anything fun going on at your house?

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