Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day #2 of Being Sick

I hate being sick. Who doesn't? What I really hate is when you are sick enough to feel miserable but not sick enough to justify staying home. I am stuffy and sneezy and coughy and so on. No throwing up, no fever... no staying home. If this thing is still hanging on tomorrow, I might have to stay home so I can get some rest and kick this thing. Loaded up on juice (Naked) and soup last night. It was Teagan's idea- she can be very sweet and thoughtful. I've even been taking drugs. I generally avoid all medications when I am breastfeeding but this one is bad. So I've been taking Tylenol Sinus when I just can't stand the pressure. I hate that feeling so miserable leads me to be a less effective parent. I don't want to deal with any whining or fighting or chasing Zach down the hall... I rely on Jeff a lot when I am sick and he is usually great about stepping up to the plate. We have a lot going on this weekend so we all need to be healthy!! Saturday night is our 5 year wedding anniversary. My mom is coming for the weekend and will stay with the kids Saturday evening/night so Jeff and I can go out on a date. It's been a very long time since we've seen a movie together and we are eager to get out and hit the theatre. Unfortunately, it isn't a great movie weekend because there isn't a lot to choose from. Feel free to leave a comment with a movie suggestion!! Sunday is Zach's birthday party at the park. We've invited immediate family and friends who are part of the kids' lives. Ordered the cake and planned a small menu. Should be a sunny and cool afternoon. So send us lots of get healthy vibes and prayers and so on!!

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Kristi said...

Sick? Mom's aren't allowed to get sick? ; ) At least I'm not! I would take that much needed day of rest if you still feel bad tomorrow. I feel it coming on here too, sneezing, coughing, sore throat. *sigh* Hope you feel better soon!