Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Ballerina

Teagan has been taking a "preschool creative" dance class for 2 months. She loves it. It is primarily an introduction to ballet with some free form dancing mixed in. Each class follows the same basic routine with some new elements each time. Teagan does so amazingly well in dance class. No matter how horrible her behavior has been, she is always full of joy and attention in dance class. She especially loves when Miss Katie (the teacher) asks the class to say ballet terms.


But true joy comes from being an airplane. Flying with arms spread wide, flying as fast as possible with the music, zipping back to the "airport" when the music stops. Drum time is also fun. Miss Katie plays different rhythms. Each sound means a different type of movement- tip toeing or running or marching or sliding or skipping. Sliding is fun because you face the mirror and what little girl doesn't love seeing herself in her leotard, dancing, sliding, gliding? But it isn't always total fun. Sometimes, there is disappointment. Like when each girl gets to skip to the drum, across the room, solo. Teagan is always eager for her turn. There was one girl in front of her. She was excited and asked if she could go next. Miss Katie, being fair and honorable to all the girls, told her she would be next. The joyful smile fell. My girl held back embarrassment, disappointment, tears. But you always get a turn. The disappointment quickly turned and a smile escaped when Miss Katie said Teagan's name. And there is nothing but joy when skipping! Perhaps that is a life lesson. When you feel disappointed, embarrassed, frustrated, sad... let it all go and skip!

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